Swagbucks - Mobile Apps only thread

The SB thread is quite long and information for the Apps could get missed. I hope that this thread will stay about the Apps and help members earn easier.

Swagbucks have their own mobile apps for android and iOS which can be run to boost your swagbuck balances.

Swagbucks Mobile
Watch - android only
Shop - iOS only

Movie, Sportly, Indy, Lifestyle and Entertain all have a favourites option. This allows you to favourite the shortest videos and create your own playlist so videos play quicker and you earn quicker (in theory).

It's a good idea to set up favourite videos before you update any of the apps as some channels are being replaced by others but the favourites list appears to stay as it is (for now).

Most apps have adverts on them at some point or another. Some have timers that count down quickly, others (such as the 90min advert that lasts 40sec) appear to hang.
On Movieclips, when the 40 sec advert appears, click the back button on your phone and it should move on to the next advert or video.
It doesn't work on the Sportly though.

Here is a list of the shortest videos that I am aware of on each App.
Depending on which version you have, you may or may not have these.

Link = https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bGxyNGOimB2Z8C5HHGMYdI61_xQL-iVMntU1jvB58oo/edit?usp=sharing


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    The "Swagbucks Reference Thread" which is linked to in the first post on the chat thread


    has a short index and info on the mobile apps

  • GreyAndGoldGreyAndGold Forumite
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    Think I will reduce my usage of the apps while they are running those multiple 40 second ads between each video. Swagbucks must be absolutely raking it in from the advertising (I'm quite happy for all the apps to run ads, its how they earn their money to pay us the swagbucks after all) whilst its virtually impossible to hit the basic 70sb during the day with the ads the way they are. Its tying up my phone for the whole day with only pennies to show for it. I think I will run the apps up until I have hit my first goal (via surveys or whatever) and then leave them until the morning when they work better and try to get through as many as I can before the 8am reset. I had hoped that this volume of long ads would only last a week or two but it seems to have become a permanent feature.
  • It’s got to the point where I only run Sportly now. You get some ads but they disappear after a while, unlike the other apps. It’s just not worth killing my phone battery for.
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    Android Apps
    Shortest video list at time of posting (18 march 2018)
    Does not include any videos that may be stored in your favourites list

    Please note that this list is for version 5.0.7 of all apps so please check which app version you are using as different versions have different videos available

    SBTV, SWAGBUCKS WATCH (TV), 6 vids for 2sb
    version 5.0.7 = updated on 12 march 2018
    12 secs = short clips = four types of morning people
    14 secs = short clips = democrat shelly simonds celebrates outside after winning 94th district recount by one vote
    18 secs = short clips = girl raises $7672 for people who lost their daddies in the fire
    9 secs = short clips = enhanced titles - gears of war 4
    14 secs = viral videos = young koala chills out while getting weighed

    LIFESTYLZ, 15 vids for 2sb
    version 5.0.7 = updated on 5 march 2018
    29 secs = decorations = adorable toddler goes on paint soaked rampage in family home

    SPORTLY, 15 vids for 2sb
    version 5.0.7 = updated on 6 march 2018
    25 secs = the olympics = olympic champion golfer justin rose receives mbe at palace

    MOVIECLIPS, 15 vids for 2sb
    version 5.0.7 = updated on 5 march 2018
    15 secs = box office top 10 = Thor ragnarok
    19 secs = the justice league = geoff johns interview, justice league trailer

    INDYMUSIC, 15 vids for 2sb
    version 5.0.7 = updated on 6 march 2018
    20 secs = red carpet news = Edi mean is rapping on the red carpet about all eyes on me

    ENTERTAINOW TV, 15 vids for 2sb
    version 5.0.7 = updated on 12 march 2018
    20 secs = music news = Edi mean is rapping on the red carpet about all eyes on me
    23 secs = music news = Dominic santana talks suge knight at all eyez on me premiere
    28 secs = entertainment news = emeli sande wants bond theme job

    Hope this helps :)
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    Movie clips logged me out yesterday and when I logged back in my favourites (the star wars 5 second one) were gone and all playlists were different. The quickest clip I have found is now 'Thor ragnarok' in the box office top 10 playlist, which is 15 seconds.
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