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  • Hi

    I have some knowledge in this area and here are a list of affiliate networks:

    Contextual adverts (related to the subject of your page): (ads by google) (contextual and inline ads)

    Content advertising:

    TIP: all cashback sites use the above affiliate networks. Create a website and register at the above networks and enjoy earning with no middleman.
  • If you need a website template in order to get into this then...

    Go to - Open Source Web Design

    loads of free css templates
  • Hi

    Another one, if you want to work with product feeds from the above affiliate networks then price tapestry is good for doing this... - it does cost £79 though and you will need to know what you are doing/wanting to achieve. Also, here are some examples of sites running their software
  • m4rkym4rky Forumite
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    TIP: all cashback sites use the above affiliate networks. Create a website and register at the above networks and enjoy earning with no middleman.

    Save-Alot: Sorry being a bit thick today, not sure what you mean? Are you just suggesting use all the affiliate networks or are you saying you can get extra revenue from Cashback sites?

    Also, don't the affiliate networks mind if you use more than one.

    I know some of the Advertising companies don't like you using others at the same time.
  • m4rky: You could sign up for these sites yourself and keep all the cash instead of going through cashback sites (it has been known) however you will get found out quite quick and probably get banned. There are no problems at all however with signing up to more than one network as they all tend to be affiliates for different companies.

    Right, well, if you maintain a website where the links to the various websites from all the various affiliate networks reside then you will never get banned as this is allowed. If you have no website on the other hand and simply use affiliate URL's personally then that is different, as many of the networks and merchants on those networks will want to see your website prior to approving you.

    Areas of caution are when you use contextual adverts, google adsense for example, you could not use mirago's contextual ads on the same page as this would be a breach.

    Thanks for pointing out affiliatewindow was missing. Another one missing and one that is useful for all financial products is

    If you make a website then you can go the whole hog and try and achieve good positioning in google etc, but to be honest that is very hard work and there are no guarantee's. But if your site services the needs of your friends and family then you can reap the rewards from those purchases.
  • misskoolmisskool Forumite
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    I have just deleted a whole series of posts where people were promoting their own websites. The aim of this thread is to provide useful information for anyone who is thinking about promoting affiliate networks on their website.

    There is a specific referrer's board if you are promoting something of your own.
  • Cheers for clearing the spammy posts :smiley:
  • You deleted my post AGAIN!! :confused:

    My posts were not personal, I have no links to them and certainly made no money out of them. :mad:

    I do affiliate advertising on my personal sports club websites which helps make the clubs a little money and was trying to impart some of the things I have learnt!

    These me not my own websites (I wish they were), they were links to resources that help website owners find affiliates to work with. Something I thought was the entire point of this thread.
  • BrowntoaBrowntoa Forumite, Ambassador
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    this rule explains it, I know it is a sort of grey area but you are not allowed to post your own web site without permission

    post 3


    This site is free from advertising. Posts on any board considered to be advertising goods, services and/or companies will be removed. We also do not allow advertising via PM

    Examples of this can include anything from a specific sales post or a link to your own website in which you attempt to sell something to someone offering their holiday home to forum members. Unfortunately we cannot allow any advertising of any description no matter how honourable the intention.

    This includes the Referrals Board (see below).

    If you think you have a genuinely good deal please contact a Board Guide for the board you’d like to post it on. If they agree with you they’ll contact the MSE Team and it will be considered. Any final decision will be that of the MSE Team. Please do not question the response with the Board Guide.
    I'm a Forum Ambassador and I support the Forum Team on the Shopping and Freebies, Phones and TV and Over 50s boards. If you need any help on these boards, do let me know. Please note that Ambassadors are not moderators. Any posts you spot in breach of the Forum Rules should be reported via the report button, or by emailing . All views are my own and not the official line of MoneySavingExpert.
  • I would like to setup a specialist computer hardware `shop` that offers hard to find hardware.

    My job involves lots of travel however, so buying wholesale and selling as a full shop is not an option.

    Instead, I would like to act as an agent / affiliate for sites that do offer the hardware I have rooted out.

    The Amazon Affiliates offer a few products that are relevant, which is a start.

    But how can I find more sites for the hardware I which to offer? What about, ebay and ebuyer? These don't seem to have affliate pro grammes.

    Also, is there a service that will store, manage and send stock for me on a per-item basis? I'm sure such a service would be very popular with ebay sellers.
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