3 Xbox One Consoles!

Last year I had some great advice when I needed 2 Xbox One consoles in the household and a great method of making 1 your home console, download the games, then logon to the other console and play the game there - only having to buy 1 copy of the game.

Its worked a treat.


Anyway, on to this years problem which definitely isnt moneysaving - the 3rd son now wants his own Xbox One and wants to play Fifa 18 with his 2 brothers!

I despair - I've missed the Black Friday discounts on Xbox One which on reflection were really good deals - I'm now clinging to the hope that a deal will come back in the next 10 days before Santa sets off.

So, are there any clever ways to deal with 3 Xbox Ones in the house or will I need to buy a 2nd copy of FIFA18!


  • If you have a PC there is some sort of cloud thing you can do but I don't specifically know the details on that.

    An old work colleague also used to play his PS4 on a gaming tablet he bought via Amazon so there are alternatives I think you can try, but it is probably easier to just get another Xbox One.

    On the Black friday deals I did see some as low as £170 with games etc but you can grab one now for around the £200-£230 mark still.
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    Op if you were to get your own Xbox One you could game share with your other son and join in the fun with your 3 sons.
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    Unfortunately theres no way to have the same game installed on 3 consoles (can only have 1 home console and can only be logged in on 1 console at a time so it limits you to 2 accounts playing off the same gold/game) - you'll need another gold subscription & also another copy of the game in order for him to play with the other 2.

    You could always give him money and see if he can get a better deal on one in the sales?
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  • Apparently some Asda stores are selling 1TB Xbox One S with Fifa 18 for £125, shelf label might say £299 but when scanned its coming up £125, worth a check in your local one?

    (Link is to HUKD)
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    Only other option is if there's a family relation who also wants FIFA 18 and who has an Xbox One.

    Check hukd for FIFA deals.
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