MSE News: Tesco cancels some customers' credit cards just two weeks before Christmas

Tesco cancels some customers' credit cards just two weeks before Christmas...
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'Tesco cancels some customers' credit cards just two weeks before Christmas'
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  • IAmWales
    IAmWales Posts: 2,024 Forumite
    If someone is so reliant on their credit card that this would "ruin" Christmas, they should speak to one of the debt advice charities. Perhaps the article could give a link to the relevant article?
  • Former_MSE_Callum
    Thanks IAmWales, we've put in a link to our 50 Xmas MoneySaving Tips guide. This has a section on debt help in it and a link to our guide.
  • msallen
    msallen Posts: 1,494 Forumite
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    The "official" site lags way behind the forum as per.
  • molerat
    molerat Posts: 32,006 Forumite
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    If my CC was cancelled I would use the other one or the other other one or at a push my debit card, or my other debit card or my other other ...........
  • TiVo_Lad
    TiVo_Lad Posts: 465 Forumite
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    What will have happened is that Tesco will have uncovered compromised card details somewhere. Not necessarily from them, but perhaps from an online retailer. Could be anywhere. They cancel the card to prevent fraudulent use. Which is fair enough.

    HOWEVER, to dress it up as "protecting customer's security" is nonsense. The Credit Card issuer is liable for third-party fraud, not the customer, so they are protecting themselves, not their customers.

    Additionally, making people wait over a week for a new card is pretty poor. This happened to me a couple of months back and I had my new card the following morning with the bank (not Tesco Bank I should add) picking up the tab for Royal Mail Special Delivery. All very apologetic.

    I'm not criticising Tesco for taking the action, but they should be open and transparent about the reasons and speed up the card replacement process, Christmas or not.
  • aj23_2
    aj23_2 Posts: 1,155 Forumite
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    I have two credits I don't often use, but if one was lost, cancelled, stolen etc., I always have a back up, not to mention debit cards, cheques, cash etc.

    If you think your Christmas will be ruined because you won't have a credit card for up to 10 days, then you need to speak to someone about debt and seek financial advice because that isn't right. Also means you've probably left things last minute instead of planning three or four months ahead to avoid November/December credit card shock with a big bill in January.
  • [Deleted User]
    And the most annoying thing will be Tesco not saying where the data was leaked from.
    Several years ago I had a credit card, details of which were found during a police raid. The bank phoned me, informed me of the issue, cancelled the card, sent out a new one within 2 days and told me where the details had been stolen from. And they ensured that I had no unauthorised debits on the card too.
    So good companies can be helpful, Tesco Bank aren't really helping the customer here.
  • [Deleted User]
    Why is this being turned into a sob-story and an uproar?

    What would you rather have - a new CC or a hacked account?
  • Shakin_Steve
    I haven’t had any message so I guess ours are ok. It could have been a bit of a palaver if all four were cancelled :D
    I came into this world with nothing and I've got most of it left.
    MABLE Posts: 4,084 Forumite
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    Used mine this pm for £72.00 and so far everything seems ok.
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