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Hi everyone. I was just wondering if anyone has info on currency exchange rates for in app purchases through google play store? I have been playing WWE Champions (gem matching/RPG) and have made a couple of purchases in the last few months which were fine when the prices were displayed in £. After the latest update however, all the prices are displayed in $ but the purchases do not go through at anywhere near the exchange rate. For example - this morning I was looking at the items available to purchase in the game and saw one at $49.99. A quick check with XE Currency Converter puts this at around £37 but when clicking through to the Google Play Store to complete the purchase, the price changes to £47.99 which is around $63. I checked a few of the other items to make sure it wasn't a glitch but the same occurs with every one. Does anyone know about the legality of this and if I have any right to purchase at the advertised price on a UK account on a US game? Other players have confirmed to me that the displayed $ price is what they pay in the US so it's not a case of the wrong symbol being displayed on the UK prices. The game's developers are Scopely and Kung Foo Factory. BTW - I did not make the purchase :)


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    It sounds like the Google Play store is doing the currency conversion for you which as is usually the case, gives a terrible conversion rate.

    There doesn't seem to be an easy way to get billed in dollars and allow your own payment company to apply the conversion which is usually cheaper (particularly if you use a card with no foreign transaction fees), the only suggestion I've seen is to change your home address to the region you're buying the currency in but can't find that much information on it.

  • Thanks for that John, I'll see if I can do that and report back...
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