free overnight electric at Ebico

Ebico Night Owl
Be wise and switch your Economy 7 electricity to our Night Owl energy plan and charge your night storage heaters, off-peak, for FREE*.

If you have an Economy 7 electricity meter and you use your off peak energy wisely you could save money with our Ebico Night Owl 12-month fixed energy plan. This means that if you use storage heaters and charge them overnight you could keep your home warm for free*!

0p per kWh off-peak time rate
Fixed price for 12 months
Exclusive to Economy 7 and smart electricity meter customers paying by Direct Debit
Reasonable use provision and £30 early termination fee apply

Economy 7 Credit Meter - A meter that records electricity consumption for day and night periods separately, and does not require you to pay for your Energy in advance. The night period is for 7 hours, and is normally cheaper than the day period.
Smart Meter – A meter that is capable of recording consumption data for at least daily time periods and that we can receive automatic meter readings from.
1. Additional Tariff Terms
1.1 These terms and conditions (“Tariff Terms”) apply to all customers on the Ebico Night Owl Tariff (“Tariff”), and any subsequent versions of this Tariff.
1.2. The Tariff Terms are in addition to our Terms and Conditions For the Supply of Gas and Electricity to our Domestic Customers (“Supply Terms”).
1.3. Terms which are not defined in these Tariff Terms will have the same definition as in the Supply Terms.
1.4. If there is any inconsistency between the Tariff Terms and Supply Terms, the Tariff Terms will prevail.
1.5. In accordance with the Supply Terms, your contract for the supply of electricity will be with Robin Hood Energy Limited.
1.6. The Tariff is subject to availability, and we may choose to withdraw it at any time.
2. About Your Tariff
2.1. You will pay a ‘standing charge’ daily and a ‘unit rate’ for each unit of electricity consumed during your day period. Your unit rate for your night period will be zero. If you have a Smart Meter, your night period will be between the hours of 00:00AM and 07:00AM. For other meters, your night period will be dependent on your specific meter and location. Please contact us to obtain details of your night period.
2.2. If you wish to leave this Tariff before the end of your fixed 12 month term, you will be required to pay a termination fee of £30. We will not apply a termination fee during your cooling off period, on or after 49 days before your Tariff is due to end or if we have contacted you in accordance with clause 3.7.
2.3. Whilst on this Tariff, you should not consume more than 60% of your electricity during the night period. If you exceed this reasonable usage threshold, we may contact you in accordance with clause 3.7.
Ebico is a brand owned by Ebico Trading Limited and operated under regulated licence by Robin Hood Energy Limited, registered in England and Wales. Company Number: 08053212. Registered Office: Loxley House, Station Street, Nottingham, NG2 3NG. VAT Number: 204830929
3. Tariff Eligibility Criteria
3.1. This Tariff is only available to customers who have (or agree to have) a Smart Meter operating in credit mode, or an Economy 7 Credit Meter. The Tariff is not available to customers with a Pay-As-You-Go Meter, or a Smart Meter operating in prepayment mode.
3.2. If you do not currently have a Smart Meter installed at your Property, you must agree to an appointment for us to install a Smart Meter free of charge. We will contact you to arrange an installation date. The installation date must occur within a reasonable time after your supply start date.
3.3. If you miss the appointment, or we are not informed at least two working days’ prior to the installation date that you wish to cancel or re-arrange the appointment, you will be required to pay a £75 missed appointment charge. You must ensure that we are able to access the existing meter at your Property on the installation date. If we are unable to install a Smart Meter for technical reasons, this will not affect your Tariff.
3.4. Whilst you do not have a Smart Meter installed at the Property, you agree to provide Ebico with monthly meter readings. If you have a Smart Meter installed, you agree to let us collect daily meter readings from your Smart Meter, subject to us providing sufficient notice of our intention to do so.
3.5. This Tariff is for electricity customers only. Customers who require both gas and electricity are able to select this Tariff in conjunction with any gas tariff they are eligible for.
3.6. You must agree to pay for your electricity by direct debit whilst on this Tariff.
3.7. If you do not comply with these Tariff Terms, we reserve the right to move you to our cheapest similar variable Ebico tariff. We will provide you with at least seven working days’ notice before this occurs. Details of our tariffs can be found at or


  • 2.3. Whilst on this Tariff, you should not consume more than 60% of your electricity during the night period. If you exceed this reasonable usage threshold, we may contact you in accordance with clause 3.7.

    I was looking at this for my mother who lives in a flat within a residential home. Her annual usage is 730 kWh day and 4019 night. While the systems produce quotes, she would be in breach of the reasonable usage clause.
    I have osteoarthritis in my hands so I speak my messages into a microphone using Dragon. Some people make "typos" but I often make "speakos".
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