Planned shared surface road will isolate my daughter

I live in a cul-de-sac and a developer has submitted plans for a development for 36 homes, there is no way in or out of the estate for vehicles or pedestrians apart from a planned shared surface road. A shared surface will also mean those with disabilities or the elderly will be unable to access the estate so a restricted from lying or visiting the development
My daughter is blind and has hearing loss, shared surfaces are very dangerous to the visually impaired as there is no way of navigating them with a cane or a guide dog. Cars and pedestrians will share the road with no pavement or kerb.
The planners are overdue making a decision but its likely it will get the go ahead.

Any advice as to how I can fight on behalf of my daughter, I have already submitted objections, but there is a lot of the support for the development because the developer is local has a huge family (who make up most of the comments )and has claimed the houses will be sold for crazily low prices.
My point on this forum is not to discuss the rights or wrongs of the estate itself just the access which will mean my daughter losing any independence locally.


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