MSE News: Amazon delivery overhaul - is yours still free?

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If you're buying on Amazon, watch out for unexpected delivery charges. A change to Prime Now means you now have to spend more to get free delivery, while some using its 1-Click service may pay up to £4.75 more because of a default setting...
We first reported the 1-Click warning last week, and you can see the original forum post here.
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'Amazon delivery overhaul - is yours still free?'
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    My Amazon Prime Now free delivery charge minimum spend has doubled from £20 to £40 since the beginning of November.

    They didn't notify me of the change. I just noticed when I placed my first order a week after the previous one in October.
    And I had an odd experience with that previous order when they delivered me an extra item with my name on it worth at least £11.50 which I refused because I hadn't ordered or paid for it.

    When I complained about the sudden increase in minimum spend for free delivery without notice I mentioned that mix up and they said I should have accepted it even though they stressed it wasn't a gift. The delivery guy put it down to the start of the Christmas silly season (anyone who orders from Amazon over the Christmas period will know) and the following order delivery guy said it was probably a gift for having been ordering off them for a year or something. Well I've only been ordering from Prime Now since May so I don't see that somehow. And i've been an Amazon customer for over 10 years and never had any gift off them for my loyalty.

    They sent an apology by email and gave me a £5 credit on my Prime Now account against my next order for my trouble.
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    I really don't understand the obsession with Amazon. Yes, it is easy to just go to Amazon and buy whatever you want, but often it will be available cheaper and just as quickly elsewhere.

    My colleages get deliveries from Amazon almost daily. I homestly can't understand what they keep needing to buy?!
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    Amazon call it free delivery but charge more for the item depending on where it’s delivered. I’ve had this numerous times, our address in Northern Ireland costs for for an item with free delivery compared to the same item to a Swansea or Newcastle address as seen on other family members log-ins. It’s rubbish now that it’s an open market place, I won’t be renewing my prime membership and will be shopping elsewhere whenever possible, most of the prime items cost more anyway so you pretty much pay for prime twice
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