MSE News: Half a million financial education textbooks to be sent to schools

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Half a million financial education textbooks will be given to schools in an initiative funded by founder Martin Lewis...
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'Half a million financial education textbooks to be sent to schools'
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    Well done Martin and the trust.

    I do wonder if 'financial education' is the answer. Very often it seems to me young people do understand how much getting on credit costs rather than saving up, what debt problems can do to them etc etc and yet they still want to consume now and face the consequences later.

    Thus the issue is not one of financial understanding but something more fundamental about discounting the future too strongly and not being able to exercise self control. Somehow we are teaching our young people that going for it all, right now is the right thing to do whether it is in financial decisions or anything else and unless we can change this mindset then supplying financial information will make no difference.

    To pick an analogy, do you insist on wearing a condom despite the drawbacks or just go ahead with the moment trusting that medical science will deal with any infections or other problems that result.....
    I think....
  • Fantastic news! Thanks Martin! :j
  • I would love to order one of these new textbooks for my grandson - will you have some to sell on the website, Martin? I do think you would do well if you do offer them for sale.
  • badmemorybadmemory Forumite
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    Those in government OUGHT to be embarrassed by this, although I am sure this book will be better than most others could produce. But I am sure they will close their minds to the embarrassment by remembering how much money their pals would have made if the book hadn't been written. Why do we think it was so difficult to get financial education in the first place? Frankly it was always down to Martin to sort it. No-one else had the power, the will & the ability.
  • Teapot55Teapot55 Forumite
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    It was years before I understood what cashflow was.

    Having enough money for the year's expenditure isn't always enough if the bills aren't evenly spaced out throughout the year, which of course they never are.

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  • One-EyeOne-Eye Forumite
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    The more I think about it, the more I believe it is a fantastic idea. Well done Martin and Young Money. It might even encourage more interest in maths, or at least numeracy, from those who get turned off by the subject in secondary school when it doesn't seem to apply to the real world.

    One topic I have not seen mentioned which I think should be covered is gambling - which has grown from an £8bn industry to a £14bn one in just 8 years.
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