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So having recently become debt free (hooray!) :j:j:j after years of plugging slowly away at it, we now have some small savings for emergencies and we're in the middle of re-mortgaging.

In short the money we are saving from debt payments are being re-routed to our mortgage and the new deal we are trying to finalize in the next few days would cut our mortgage from 28 years to... ahem... 13!!!! :eek::eek::eek:

Now it is possible that we will throw lumps at this too over the years to come, it won't be next year due to a 10th wedding anniversary holiday in Mauritius, but husband does get decent bonuses which I'm hoping I can convince him to lump at the mortgage too :)

We do intend on enjoying Christmas this year (within reason) but for each "naughty" I'm trying to make sure we do a "nice aka money saving".
Getting ahead of the game I switched the utilities this weekend saving £30 a month on the DD. I'm also going to start replacing all the bulbs I can (probably one or two a week) with energy efficient ones, mainly because they last longer, even if they cost more upfront which is why so far we haven't done it!

I'm also making a lot of peoples presents (thankfully I'm pretty reasonable in the kitchen so oddly no-one has objected to this idea LOL) - which means I can spend a little more elsewhere as the biggest investment will be my time and skills.

As soon as I have the exact terms of the mortgage (ie years and months!) then I shall add it to my signature and see how much we can reduce THAT by too :)
(Husband has even agreed to downsize his car even if it may be a year or twos time and then we can either save that for lump payments or increase payments further!)

So yeah... Hi everyone :)
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