MSE Poll: How often do you use cheques?

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Poll started 31 October 2017

How often do you use cheques?

A new cheque clearing system starts to roll out this week which means cheques will clear no later than the end of the next weekday, rather than taking up to six – and you may soon be able to deposit cheques by sending a picture of them.

Yet are cheques a thing of decline for many?

How often do you use a cheque to pay – which of these is nearest to your situation?

Did you vote? Are you surprised at the results so far? Have your say below. To see the results from last time, click here.

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  • mrmajika
    mrmajika Forumite Posts: 981
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    I think the results will largely depend on how many children you have. I don't pay by cheque unless I have to, as an alternative to cash. All my cheques in recent years have been to school for school trips, school photos etc.
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  • alex_read
    alex_read Forumite Posts: 7 Forumite
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    Used to use them but then migrated to Finland. The huge processing rates & somewhat the cheque expiry dates have rendered this method of sending/receiving money unusable.

    Having said that you do get a good show of people pannicking, rushing round & literally all members of staff collectively asking what’s a cheque? what do we DO with this bit of paper? Do we have a process for this? etc. in the Nordic banks :cD Worth taking popcorn if you have a few hours to spend... :)
  • Jake_027
    Jake_027 Forumite Posts: 15
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    The only place I use them is a concert hall which charges for paying by card (even debit card) but bizarrely not by cheque. I've written 5 cheques since 2013 and they've all been for this. Other than that the only other use has been to pay for my passport. From working in credit control, I found a lot of people wrote cheques before having money in the account, so I expect a lot of people will be caught out by this new faster clearing system. Personally I much prefer card payments or bacs anyway, you know the money has been sent then and are not left in the lurch for 6 months if someone doesn't bank your cheque.
  • kathrynha
    kathrynha Forumite Posts: 2,469
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    As a Guide leader I deal with cheques all the time. Most parents pay for subs and trips with cheques, and all out going money is cheques. As we are a charity we need 2 signatures which means a debit card and online banking aren't an option for us, although I have heard some units have found banks where it is an option.
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  • johnathan45
    johnathan45 Forumite Posts: 79 Forumite
    I hate receiving cheques. The last cheque I received was from HMRC and I had to take time off on a working day to go to the bank and pay for the parking.
  • MoJo
    MoJo Forumite Posts: 542
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    I still find cheques useful an reliable.
    We live in a rural area and during the colder months we pay for coal/log deliveries by cheque.
    We also go to a lot of shows/ farmers markets & etc. in the area and poor mobile phone coverage means that many stallholders can't take electronic payments - I much prefer carrying a chequebook than having to carry cash.
  • SandraDJ
    SandraDJ Forumite Posts: 41 Forumite
    I put my cat in a cattery when I go away on holiday. The only choice I have of making a payment is cheque or cash, so I write a cheque each time.
  • I still use cheques wherever possible. I'd like to use them more, but I was forced to take out a few DDs when I opened a Santander 123 account. DDs are a PITA, I used to be baffled as to why people complained about confusing gas/electricity bills until I started paying them by DD.
  • BobbinAlong
    BobbinAlong Forumite Posts: 193
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    I use cheques a couple of times a year usually to pay club memberships or events when having to post payment.
  • Askalick
    Askalick Forumite Posts: 2 Newbie
    I rarely make payments by cheque now, but as a sole trader providing a service at private homes my customers often prefer to pay me by cheque. I am not in a position to receive payment by card, and cheque is easier than cash for many people, particularly in areas away from town.
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