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Water pressure issues in a flat

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ChloeLChloeL Forumite
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Just a little advice would be helpful. First time buyer and I am a little stuck on who handles what and where to turn when issue arise.

On Saturday morning when I went to have a shower there was very little water coming out, tried all the taps in the house and there is little water from all cold only. when you use a lot of water in one go such as flushing the toilet there will be a loud noise that follows. We have had Scottish Water out to check the mains connection and everything is fine. They have also checked us for leaks and that out stop valve is fully open.

Further investigation found our mains travels through the below and up, in what I think is call a communal riser. When speaking to the below property which is a business, they dispute this, as they don't believe the water is linked, they have no issues and do not know why Scottish Water would advise our water goes through their property.
Now, it is Tuesday and we have had next to no water this whole time. If I were to call out a plumber and they find nothing in our flat, what would the next step be?

Getting desperate and I am struggling :(


  • minicooper272minicooper272 Forumite
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    Is it always hot water you're trying to get, or cold too? Is it better if you are only drawing cold water?

    If it was down to a shared water pipe, then your water pressure would be fine when the business downstairs is closed, but as it's bad all the time, it is something in your property. I think your next best option is to call a plumber. Noises might point to air in the system.
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