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Plastic milk bottle tops

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Many of you probably know this, but it's news to me so I thought I would post it in case some of you don't: Mencap collect plastic milk bottle tops and they are turned into fence posts, traffic cones, mesh to go round young trees and other stuff. My council doesn't accept the tops in the recycling bin so I was really pleased to find a way to keep them out of landfill.
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    You can do it yourself just melt and pour in a mold.

    Ive made a milk jug chopping board and slowly saving enough caps to have colour coded chopping board to match. Its not very pretty though, but i can manage without a pretty chopping board.

    Its a really easy material to use for a wide range of things.

    A friend uses recycled HDPE for making tool handles. Ive seen a recycled hammer (good for hammering soft materials). People turn it on lathes and it seems to work well. Loads of potential to be reused in the house. No point giving your stuff away to then buy something you want made out of the item you gave away.
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