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Coffee Gift Basket - more ideas, please!

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  • C_JC_J Forumite
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    Thanks for the welcome - I love it here too :)

    I'm thinking I might do the home-made chocolate-dipped teaspoons instead of buying chocolate stirrers. I saw a magazine article in a recent edition of Craft magazine in which they showed how to add pretty, decorative Fimo clay handles to ordinary cheap (poundland! hurrah!) teaspoons, so maybe I could make him a set of 'designer' coffee spoons and dip them in choc myself. Hmm. At this rate I will have so many things to do, I won't have time to go to work :)
  • TKMaxx are doing a nice range of Italian bicuits which would go very nicely. Well they were in the Bromley store last week, anyway!

    Tregroes Toffee Waffles are also lovely, and you can buy little packs of 2 at Starbucks, I think. At about £1 not cheap but very tasty! You can order the boxes of chocolate covereed waffles from their site, or call them to find a local distributor. (P+P is steep for small orders) The dark choc covered ones are lush and go down very nicely with a good cup of coffee!
  • C_JC_J Forumite
    1.9K posts
    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts
    Oh, oh, oh! Waffles! YES :)

    I've just found an online place which does personalised/picture coffee mugs for £8 including p+p, which seems quite reasonable. I've just ordered one of those for him, with a pic of his grandchildren on it.

    This is starting to look like it'll be a great basket now - thank you so much for all your suggestions.
  • MoaningMyrtleMoaningMyrtle Forumite
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    Just worth noting that if anyone buys anything from a Whittard outlet, check the sell-by dates, the best bargains are usually on chocs with a very short shelf-life. These may not be any good for Christmas.

    How about some of those lovely biscuits you get with Rombouts coffee? they are individually wrapped, also Sainsburys are doing their Taste the Difference biscuits in trial packs for 25p at the moment.
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  • Does anyone know where I can get a decent cafetiere?
  • im doing a coffee hamper for my mum. its gonna have a big pot of coffee, shortbread fingers, coffee scented candle, coffee tin, mug, book/puzzles and any little bits and bobs i find on my journeys! i got some things the other day, from the What! shop in bristol, useful if u have one near u as they have loads of coffee design stuff atm! i got the coffee mug £1, shortbread £1 for a pack of 4, coffee tin £1 and the candle 90p! hth
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  • emayemay Forumite
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    I'm doing a coffee hamper for my friend...I've also added in his, a travel mug (so he can drink his coffee on the go), and if I can find it one of these: (without the mug). Got my boyfriend one a couple of years ago and they're great if you like filter coffee but don't want to make a whole pot full.
  • I did one of these last year for my mum. It had -
    - Coffee mug from Wilko's which said "Mother's Coffee)
    - Organic ground coffee
    - Coffee incense sticks (bought on holiday), with holder
    - Chocolate covered teaspoons
    - A wafer thing to melt over your mug of coffee, from Starbucks.
    - Flavoured instand coffee (boaters, I think)

    There were some other things in there, but I can't remember them now!
  • *niptuckfan**niptuckfan* Forumite
    638 posts
    Hey all

    Im not a coffee drinker but am doing a hamper for my dad - I managed to get a bargain at the charity shop a next set with frother 2 stencils and a tub with holes - for sprinkling stuff on the top??? can anyone tell me what it is i should buy to go in this:confused:
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  • Niptuckfan - cocoa powder. It's for making pretty patterns on the top of the froth in swanky coffee!

    On the original thread topic I was in Tescos last night and they've got little boxes of Baileys truffles and Benedicks chocolate minty things for a pound which might be nice?
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