German Christmas market.

I suspect Mrs ohreally is going to start making noises to visit a German market. I notice most cities & large towns have them, recommendations are welcome. Only stipulations are it should be easily accessible from a German airport (I really wish to avoid traveling on arrival as I travel lots in my day job), and accessible from a Scottish airport route.

I'm happy to consider other countries if required.

Over to you guys.
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    Perhaps you would do better to post your question on the overseas holidays and travel planning board?

    Loads of german stalls at the Lincoln Christmas market- but that's not quite an answer!!
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    Just take her to the nearest Aldi or Lidl.
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    Any major German city with an airport will have German markets. I'm headed to Berlin this year.
    Dusseldorf was nice (and has worlds longest bar street!) and Munich has its own charm.
  • we went to Brussels last december it was amazing
    lovely atmosphere and stalls around even side streets
    the light show on the church was magic
    We went on a night ferry and then got a train which was a bit expensive but it made it a special adventure for us
    best wishes xx
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    Munich is splendid IME - Starts the moment you get out of the airport with a surprisingly good/chilled little market and there is a large swathe of markets right through the city centre, from just beyond the Hauptbahnhof down to the main one in the Viktualienmarkt which is open till the 6th of January - although the smaller markets do tend to close between christmas and new year in preparation for the Sylvester crowds.

    All are very accessible by public transport too and there are many other things to enjoy. :)
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    ohreally you should really be more specific in your question. For example, Manchester "hosts" German Christmas market sometime in December. And it's in the City Centre. Would something like that work for you? Or you're asking about travelling to Germany on Christmas?!?
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    I have been to Cologne and Munich and Cologne was my favourite by far, very magical!
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    If you are in Scotland, Edinburgh has a Christmas market with plenty of continental stalls.
  • Chris25Chris25 Forumite
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    If you decide on somewhere other than Germany, I suggest you give Bruges a wide berth.

    Went last year and thought it was a load of old tat. There was hardly anything hand-made, except for some factory manufactured plastic baubles with glitter or feather stuck on by hand.

    I was very disappointed. The best thing was the gluwein!
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