Combined Christmas present for 3 children

My DD and her partner have 4 children between them. She boy aged 5, he boy aged 10 and girl aged 4. One between them 11mths. As his children have a really big extended family, they get an awful lot of presents and they also include my grandchildren, so many presents for all of them.

Because of this, I don't want to buy individual presents to add to the pile, but I'd like to buy something between them but am stuck for ideas. Last year I bought them a really big trampoline and they loved it, it really went down well. Id like to do the same this year but am stuck for ideas. I am happy to spend around £100 which is approx £30 each I would have spent on individual presents. Any ideas?


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    Could you perhaps bundle in the gift for the adults too and get them all an annual pass to a local theme park or zoo? Would give them something to do at weekends as well as during holidays. Big theme parks like Alton Towers are dreadfully expensive for family passes, but a local attraction might be a bit more affordable.
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    Perhaps vouchers for a trampoline park.
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    annual passes for a local soft play centre or similar? most offer discounts for siblings too
    gets the kids out of the house and last all year- the gift that keeps giving
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    National Trust or English Heritage membership for the whole family?
  • Save it for them, take them somewhere or buy them each something practical, clothes or nightwear
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    Agree with the annual pass. My parents often buy something like that for me, my husband and daughter. It's normally either an annual pass, or just day tickets if it's somewhere really expensive. It's lovely to have quality family time together without it being expensive.
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