MSE Poll: Is it time to extend the smoking ban?

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Poll started 3 October 2017

Is it time to extend the smoking ban?

There are 1.9m fewer British smokers since the ban was introduced in England a decade ago (11yrs ago in Scotland). The ban makes it illegal to smoke in an enclosed public place and within the workplace, though it doesn't apply to e-cigarettes.

Is the ban right and should it be extended more?

Please vote for ONE option under the category that applies to you.

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  • The_Mighty_Gusset
    The_Mighty_Gusset Forumite Posts: 148 Forumite
    The way I see it, the best way forward would be to prevent people who have never smoked from taking up the habit.
    To that end I'd ban smoking for anyone born after 2005
  • dekaspace
    dekaspace Forumite Posts: 5,705
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    It was done so badly, and ended up more of a way to look down on smokers, ex smokers and people who wanted to seem wholesome.

    I have never smoked (did attempt to a few times over the years to see what the fuss was about and couldn't even inhale a single breath and it tasted and felt awful) but thought the way it occured was stupid, getting rid of smoking rooms in workplaces meant people instead congregated at doors, and in itself the space required to smoke from a building was stupid,

    I realise theres arguments many ways but the most vicious people I met were non/ex smokers who went on rants about people not caring about others

    My friend was using his e cig a few months ago sitting in corner somewhere where e cigs are allowed and this woman started saying loudly and looking at friend about how disgusting he was, and "people like him" and how he was affecting others with his ignorance and how she shouldn't have to be near him and how he should be banned from the premises.

    Students I see disliking smoking as its in to do so, they have no problems vaping, or getting drunk but somehow smoking is what the scum of the earth does who has no care for the enviroment or others.

    Sorry if strange response, but will say to end it the lower smoking figures are due to vaping becoming more trendy, not the same thing as kids deciding to vape as its trendy.

    I don't think it should be extended at all, that will just be stupid but it should be reworked into something that is good for everyone.

    Heres something to consider, was private smoking rooms a worse idea than being forced to be outside around smokers as they are in beer garden instead?
  • Amandanos
    Amandanos Forumite Posts: 4 Newbie
    I unfortunately have asthma and was so happy when the smoking ban came into effect as it meant I could go into a pub or restaurant without getting severe hay fever like symptoms. However, whilst inside is fine, the outside still has people walking along the road or standing outside places and I have to put my hand in front of my mouth and nose and hold my breath in order to avoid the smoke.
    I have also been burnt by someone who passed me and was being a little neglectful as to where the way they held their cigarette.
    I don’t smoke. I understand the addiction. I don’t understand how people actually like to smoke but I most definitely don’t understand why people feel they have the right to subject others to their smoke.
  • RebeccaCompton16
    RebeccaCompton16 Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    It is selfish to smoke in public though! Second hand smoke is a real issue and the cases are rising in the uk.

    I personally think that the band should be extended, to all public spaces. If anyone ever dared to smoke near my child I would let my feelings known.

    I am a student (postgrad though) and dislike the drinking culture, but I think your point doesn't make complete sense. Drinking is an entirely self inflicted habit, it only harms the person who does it or anyone who might try to pick a fight with a drunk. Whilst I don't advocate the level of drinking students do, I think it makes sense to see smoking as a more selfish habit.

    E-cigarettes are less of an issue, but even so where is the extensive testing on these products to ensure they are safe? Who knows what chemicals people could be vaping near the public.

    I personally don't get what is wrong with a ban in public, smoke in your own house by all means but if you can't go in a public space without craving a cigarette then, be honest with yourself,p and admit you have a problem that is self inflicted and NOT a problem that should be inflicted on the responsible people who don't smoke.
  • suchard007
    suchard007 Forumite Posts: 34 Forumite
    I think this should be extended to e-cigarettes / vaping too.
    There's not enough information available about what harm this may do (if any) in the long term. I feel all the colourful vaping accessories you can buy is an attraction for people to start vaping in the first place. It's almost being seen as a 'cool' thing to do... a bit like smoking cigarettes was all those years ago! Ban it in all open places (except designated smoking areas).... even if it is menthol/herbal, why do others want to inhale/smell it !!!
  • worried_jim
    worried_jim Posts: 11,631
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    Our cancer veranda is packed out at work every lunchtime still.
  • One-Eye
    One-Eye Forumite Posts: 64,197
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    Those who complain that you can't walk along the street without being exposed to inconsiderate people's noxious gases, particulates and carcinogens, and feel so aggrieved that they must confront the perpetrators - Do you enjoy chasing cars?
  • rmg1
    rmg1 Forumite Posts: 3,111
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    So people now want to extend the ban to all public places. Does that include normal streets?
    I'm trying to quit so I can see both sides of the argument.

    Yes, it's a self-inflicted bad habit that harms me and others close enough to get the second hand smoke. However, the Treasury gets a bucket-load of cash from smokers through tax (and I'm including tax on imports and the tobacco/cigarette producing companies in this as well as the normal VAT, etc. on cigarettes/tobacco products). The last figure I can remember is this - 75% of the price of a packet of cigarettes or pouch of tobacco goes to the Treasury. It's tax!

    Where do people think this money is going to come from if the population all quit smoking? Something/someone has to plug the financial gap.

    And before people say it would save money for the NHS, look at it like this.
    A few years ago (can't remember the exact year), smokers put into the Treasury around £7billion. Cost to the NHS (for smoking related illnesses) ..... £1billion. I'd say that was a net gain for the NHS/Treasury.

    OK, so now we ban smoking/vaping in all public places.
    That means I can't smoke as I walk down the street (where traffic pollution is far worse than second-hand smoke.
    I'm already banned from smoking/vaping in pubs, restaurants, cinemas, etc.
    Am I now to be treated like a leper because of a bad habit?
    Yes, it smells, it pollutes and it makes people ill. So do cars, busses, etc and you don't see people screaming to ban those in public places due to the pollution they cause.

    And on a small aside, if I was on heroin and wanted to quit, I'd be given the help free-of-charge.
    I want to quit smoking, and if I want the patches, etc. that's going to cost me.
    I know which one would do me most harm....
    :wall: Flagellation, necrophilia and bestiality - Am I flogging a dead horse? :wall:

    Any posts are my opinion and only that. Please read at your own risk.
  • worried_jim
    worried_jim Posts: 11,631
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    edited 4 October 2017 at 11:53AM
    rmg1 wrote: »
    And on a small aside, if I was on heroin and wanted to quit, I'd be given the help free-of-charge.
    I want to quit smoking, and if I want the patches, etc. that's going to cost me.
    I know which one would do me most harm....

    Good point, however no one has ever burgled someone's house to buy a pouch of golden Virginia. I hope.......
  • Focusford1
    Focusford1 Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    A recent survey in Scotland has found out that there is no reduction in smokers at all. All it would seem to have achieved is to close a large amount of pubs and clubs. So it would seem spending further money on something that is showing few results would be a waste of money.

    If we want to make a better society then we should turn our efforts to alcohol. I have never seen two people fighting over a cigarette. I have never seen hospitals looks like battlefields because of cigarettes. You can buy your alcohol with you morning paper. The increase in liver failure in the young is through the roof. Quite a few of us will outlive our children. So if you want something that will give us a better society Alcohol is it. Spend money where it will make a difference.
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