Bank Transfer

A few weeks ago I opened a Bank of Scotland current account.

The balance has been nil, I have never used this account for transactions.

Today I transfered money from my HSBC current account to my BOS account via online banking.

I wont disclose the exact amount but it was in the thousands. HSBC said it it could take up to 2 hours.

I did this at around 15:30 and now it's 21:00. I'm aware it's a saturday but that shouldn't happen?

It's gone from my HSBC but not in the BOS account.

Understanably terrified here. Could anyone give me some adive?


  • ceredigion
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    End of the next working day
  • LittleFawn
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    However I have done bank transfers before and it's always been within the 2 hours, even on a non-working day. Why is this different?
  • ceredigion
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    Its like a footpath, the more you use it the wider it gets. The less you have to look to see the way.
    You have just sent a lot of money to a new account along a route that's never been trod before. The bank needs to make sure all is in order.
    The messages always say " up to 2 hours " in my opinion that's a mistake. It should say by the end of the next working day.
  • YorkshireBoy
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    The size of the payment to a first time payee is the issue here. I won't disclose the exact amount above which a delay is incurred.

    I must say though, you're much more brave than I am. I never send more than £1 as a test payment the first time I transfer funds to a new account.
  • singhini
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    Not sure this helps but I had an experience where money took 24 hours to send.
    i once bought a car and bank transferred the chap the £5,000 while I was sitting in his living room with my laptop (about 10.30am).

    I waited and waited and rang my bank (Santander) at 12pm, 2pm, 4pm and 5pm to ask why had the money not been sent (each time they said it could take a couple of hours for an amount of this size).

    Eventually at 7pm I got him to drop me of at a cheap B&B and I stayed the night.

    9am next morning I got a call from the chap to say he had just received the funds.

    ive got a good relationship with my local branch staff and I asked them what they thought and they said it would have been checked internally for irregularities such as fraud i.e. is it normal for amounts of this size to be sent or received by this account. Will sending £5,000 mean most of the account balance has been sent as this might look like theft.
    I was mad at the time but soon came to understand it was for my protection
  • agrinnall
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    ceredigion wrote: »
    The messages always say " up to 2 hours " in my opinion that's a mistake. It should say by the end of the next working day.

    I agree, I think it's a misleading message and eventually someobody is going to challenge one of the banks that does says this when their transfer doesn't arrive in 2 hours, and the bank won't have a leg to stand on. They should be more circumspect in what they say.
  • robatwork
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    Another one for the list of "should have made a £1 test payment first".

    Your money will show up presuming you've checked and rechecked the account number and sort code you paid into?
    Just may not be until Monday.
  • PKaurK
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    I've done something similar and the bank blocked it due to possible fraud. They got in touch with me and asked me questions to ensure it was a genuine transaction by me. This could be a reason. But you should give it to 6pm the next working day, if it hasn't transferred then get in touch with your bank.
  • SuperAllyB
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    i thought for the sake of the guidelines a payment made on Saturday counts as being made on Monday so the deadline is Tuesday evening?

    Having said that even when I've had payments delayed, the money has always arrived by the following morning.
  • colsten
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    OP, what did BoS say when you rang them to ask where your payment is?
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