Quick response please-would you eat sausages 2 days out of date?

Hi all,I'm cooking these already,so quick advice please! I bought tescos finest chipolatas on friday,planned to eat tonight,as toad in the whole(so they will get fried first then oven cooked).Just got them from fridge and they were sell by saturday use by sunday,today is Tuesday.

I've just put them onto fry,I think they smell fine,but I'm wondering if we should eat them or not.For the sake of wasting loads of quality sausages,is it worth running the risk of poisoning the family and making all sick! Or will they be fine??
Another question whilst I'm here,just found a forgotten broccoli,its just turning green to yellow,is it now useless or would it be o.k in a soup?I hate wasting food!



  • vonph1
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    Hubby has just eaten sausages which were out of date yesterday, he appears well!! LOl


  • esthomizzy
    esthomizzy Posts: 492 Forumite
    I would but then I'm always eating stuff out of date. If it doesn't actually look or smell manky then I eat it.
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  • MissMuppet
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    I would, if it's only 2 days I don't see the harm.. if they smelt funny then I would have thought twice about it. :)
  • Leopardlady
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    I would eat them if they didn't smel;l funny, these things never go off as quickly as they say! Enjoy them:)
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  • Yes! Is that quick enough ;) If not, yes, if they smell OK :beer:

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  • Farway
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    The broccolli will be fine to eat in soup, it does not go poisonous just because it changes colour. Think of purple sprouting broccolli, you have yellow sprouting now
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  • youngie
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    let common sense rule if it looks ok and smells ok use it
  • balmaiden
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    Quick reply; Broccoli yes, sausages no.

    Contrary to other views I just wouldnt trust any meat out of date,sorry.
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  • lbt_2
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    No, but this is one of my funny ways so probably best to ignore me :)
  • Bongedone
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    Sausages contain a lot of salt so are well preserved. Just make sure you cook them through properly. I don't think I would use them beyond 3 days either way. If they don't look right or are slimy then chuck them.

    P.s. They can smell okay due to the seasonings even if they don't look okay.

    Maybe 2 hours does not class as a quick response. If you are still alive tomorrow then let everybody know.
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