Have you been Plevined? A new rule means just having had PPI means you are due money

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    I have completed a plevin claim using resolver claiming tool on your website to legal and general a few weeks ago. I haven't had any response in writing from them that they are investigating, how do I know they have received my claim?..
  • When I took a mortgage out with a well known building society I was advised that I needed MPPI and that I didn't have to take it out with the bank as long as I told them who it was with. I did this and I am no longer with the building society but I am still paying the MPPI. Will I be able or should I be claiming this back?
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    MBNA wrote to me to say they are upholding my complaint for Plevin and have given a figure for compensation. However, they're saying they have missing data for pre 2004 and have made an "assumption" on my spending during the period of missing data. Furthermore, they're asking me to provide evidence of my spending balance at that time!

    Obviously I haven't kept statements from 14+ years ago but interestingly, in 2001 I moved home to a house that required extensive refurbishment. Needless to say the following few years saw my credit card balance climb, yet MBNA say that data is missing.

    As I can't prove my credit card balance pre-2004, this feels like a bit of a dirty trick to me!
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