£95 for 10 days

I am setting myself another small challenge to help me stay on track until the next pay day.

I have 10 days to go and I have £95 in my purse. I want this to get me through, I don't want to dip into my savings or put anything on my credit card.

I have plenty of food in the fridge and the cupboards to feed hubby and me. All I should need to buy before pay day is milk, bread, fresh fruit and vegetables.

I have one social event in the diary and that's drinks with friends on Friday night. But these days that is 3 or 4 drinks in an old man pub, not club hopping until the early hours!

I should be able to make it through to 22 Sept on the contents of my purse if:

I take a packed lunch to work every day

I decline any invitations for a swift half after work or at lunchtime

I don't buy any ciggies when I'm out on Friday

I fight the urge for a mars bar here and a can of Coke there and all those little things that Add up!!


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