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Laminate floor: Concreate floor 'filling'

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In short: Looking for some sort of filling agent to apply to small areas of an otherwise good level concreate floor before putting down laminate.
Now I have removed all the skirting from around the room, I am now paying closer attention to the concreate floor that I am to lay laminate on. Fortunately, its mostly in good nick, however a few little areas that concern me. I have gone for 8mm quickstep laminate flooring, with Quickstep's own unisound underlay (2mm)

Where I have had to remove old glued down gripper rods, it seems to have removed some sort of epoxy type layer. Its right on the edge and I don't thing its really deep enough to be a concern, nor in a high traffic area but I think I would like to fill them..:

The next is on the sides of the front door. There is a decent gap that goes into the wall cavity. This gap does get covered by skirting (just!), and again around the front door the top layer seems to have been removed

I don't think the entire floor needs to be re-levelled, but I do think there needs to be some sort of filler applied to some areas to improve flatness..... Can anybody recommend some sort of filling agent?

Not quite sure what to do about that gap next to the door! Given its under the skirting and no weight will go onto it directly being at the edge, I don't think I need to be too concerned?



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