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Video Conference Calls

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merrydancemerrydance Forumite
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I was invited to take part in the above. Managed to finally "get in"but then was asked to phone a number, and put in a pin code. Dialled the number from my landline and it said number not recognised. Was I meant to dial it on the keyboard, totally confused,
We haven't got a clue how to do it in this house! Thanks


  • flashg67flashg67 Forumite
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    There' different software so yours may be different. The ones I 'attend' usually have a web link for the presentation then a landline number for the audio, dialled from my own phone (home or mobile) -possibl just gave you the wrong number?
  • buglawtonbuglawton Forumite
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    The business grade video conference systems will offer a proper 0800 type number in each country and your emailed invite will have a link to these numbers. Others will offer audio through your computer/tablet which may be much higher quality.
  • lammy82lammy82 Forumite
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    If you have a webcam with microphone then normally you would tell it to use the computer's audio/video and then NOT need to separately dial in.
  • AndyPixAndyPix Forumite
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    yes, you are supposed to dial the number from a phone to hear the audio
    (im actually on one as im typint this - yes it's riviting)

    You view the screen via a browser link.

    I suspect that the number you were given wasnt a UK one and you need to dial the correct international number.
    You can type it here and ill tell you
    (there is nothing confidential about the main number, just dont post the connection pin)
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