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New boiler installation advice

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AnnieP6AnnieP6 Forumite
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We are considering getting a new gas central heating boiler as, although ours has a high efficiency rating, it is about 12 years old and we are advised that parts are not likely to be available in the fairly near future. The British Gas annual service costs are quite high so we think a new boiler would be more financially economical.
We have arranged for a consultation with a surveyor via EDF.

It would be interesting to read whether people would recommend using a local installer or a company recommended by a service provider.


  • dogshomedogshome Forumite
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    In 12 years boilers have not only changed in thier efficincy, but also their complexity which has had a minus effect on reliabilty and length of life.

    Check directly with the manufacturer as to the spares position for your present boiler, and by all means get quotes for a replacement and make your own mind from there
  • Alex1983Alex1983 Forumite
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    What boiler do you currently have?
  • anto164anto164 Forumite
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    Go independant, however accredited by a boiler company (WB, Ideal, etc...). Get 3 quotes and go with your gut feel as to costs / worksmanship.

    BG is expensive for what you get, and independents normally give cheap servicing. My Ideal Vogue c32 is £40 per year to service by the guy who installed, and any parts should be covered by the 10yr warranty.
  • sk240sk240 Forumite
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    To be honest with BG you are entirely subjected to luck of the draw regardng the honsty and capability of the enginner.
    Do yoursef a favour and stop using them, and switch to a reliable local gas safe engineer (ask friends/family/facbook)
    12 years is not old for a boiler, and a new one will take a long time to recoup the cost of the efficiency savings (more likely never recoup)
    Let us know teh make and model, and we may be able to find you come info.
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    benjusbenjus Forumite
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    My boiler is about 20 years old and still going strong. I recently had it serviced and the guy said it was in great shape for its age and I shouldn't bother replacing it unless it actually fails.

    As others have said, avoid British Gas and get a good independent gas specialist to have a look at it.

    Could you live for a week or two without the boiler if it failed and you needed to have it replaced at short notice? If so, who cares if parts aren't widely available? Just keep using your boiler until it gives up the ghost, and if it can't be repaired get a new one. But don't trust BG to tell you that it can't be repaired.
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  • AnnieP6AnnieP6 Forumite
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    Our current boiler is a Potterton Powermax HE.
  • Alex1983Alex1983 Forumite
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    Some parts are obsolete on the powermax he's. Powermax boilers are plagued with problems, the later HE models were a little better but I see lots that have been taken out on new build estates.
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