Sainsbury's change order to prevent giving substitutions.

Got shopping delivered from Sainsburys yesterday, a smallish order as I don't buy perishables from them due to short dates problems. Ordered included 8 bottles of wine, on offer, 4 for my daughter and 4 for me. Order arrived, no substitutions I was told, Order looked fine until I came to put shopping away. Only 7 bottles of wine must be one short! Checked delivery note, only 7 bottles of wine, sure I ordered 8! Checked order on Sainsburys website, 8 bottles of wine, screen shot the order showing 8 bottles. The order had been changed, must have been at the store! This has happen before, items I asked to be substituted had the amounts changed so no substitutes sent when they got low or ran out and couldn't fulfill the order requested! Saved Sainsbury selling a more expensive item for a cheaper price!

Always thought it was my fault, put down wrong number or forget to order an item! Very crafty, feeling cheated and scammed, had not thought of checking the on line order before! Has anyone else had this happen, if not watch out for it!!


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    And if the wine was on special for 8 bottles you would lose out again.
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    Hi, your right! The offer was buy 6 or more bottles and get 25% off. I ordered 4 of 2 different wines. It's also the principle, it's my order and I asked for a substitute on the wine. Was one of the cheaper bottles that got taken off so they would have lost more if they substituted it ! Would have to substitute it for a more expensive wine!
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