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Winner unimpressed when council award her prize covered in 'smelly' clothes


  • hdh74hdh74 Forumite
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    The whole event was about recycling textiles, and from what I can make out it was clear what the prize was. Shouldn't have entered if she didn't want it imo.
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  • andrew71andrew71 Forumite
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    Quote from the winner
    "I thought a mannequin was a bit of a strange prize to start off with but then to give it away with second-hand clothing was even stranger."
    If she thought it was strange then why the hell did she enter? Each to their own but I can't see many of us on here entering to win a mannequin.
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  • hdh74hdh74 Forumite
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    I'd actually love a manequin lol
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  • luaiveluaive Forumite
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    A woman who won a council recycling competition said: "If they were going to give me clothes you expect it to be new clothes and I found it very surprising for East Riding Council to give away second-hand clothing....You have to wonder if the lights are on with some people, its a recycling competition and she thinks the should have got new clothes!? *bangs head against wall*
  • Sunny_SaverSunny_Saver Forumite
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    I haven't clicked on this article, but in another one I saw the mannequin with the prize clothes hanging on it and it was clear that that was the prize. Also in the other article I read, the Council said it offered to take back the prize, but she said she would keep it. Why you may wonder? To sell her story to the gullible press maybe? :(

    A brand new mannequin is expensive, according to my purse, so I'm sure many people would buy a second-hand one if needed.
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