Confetti costs HOW MUCH!!!?

I'm getting married next month (eek)!

I've cut costs wherever possible - calling in favours from friends and family and making most things myself! Including: cake, stationery, center pieces, table confetti, wedding favors, wedding signs, and bunting, hair & make up, transport. Thank you to whoever came up with Freecyle!

But it seems the largest expensive next to venue/food will be confetti!!! What?! How is that possible?!! One website recommends 24 litres for my guest numbers, at £15 per litre!!!

Any ideas where to buy cheaply? It has to be biodegradable (venue requirement) otherwise I'd make some myself! - can I make biodegradable confetti myself? What could I use without being flush with dried flowers?

I'm considering bubbles (way cheaper) but I'd rather have confetti - I'm not a bridezilla in the slightest but I do love confetti photos and I'd be really disappointed to not have any from my own wedding.



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    Since when was confetti provided by the bride? Guests take their own at every wedding I've been at.
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    Since when was confetti provided by the bride? Guests take their own at every wedding I've been at.
    I agree.
    I've never had confetti provided by the bridal party at any wedding I've been to.
    I've always bought my own little box.

    £360 for confetti? :eek:
  • comeandgocomeandgo Forumite
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    Never heard of confetti by the bucket. Our photographer took some boxes with her to give to guests to do a timed throw so she could get a picture. I don't think I've ever used confetti at a wedding. Wonder what the origin is, will have to google.
  • Faith177Faith177 Forumite
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    I've always brought my own confetti to weddings never had it supplied. Granted I supplied bubbles at mine because confetti wasnt allowed
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    24 litres of confetti!!

    Every wedding I have been a few people have have brought small boxes of confetti. How many guests are you having to require 24 litres.
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    As others have said .... brides don't supply confetti, guests take their own.

    24 litres is 12 LARGE bottles of fizzy pop... that's like a whole bucket per guest???!!

    You must've got confused somewhere.

    Just let your guests know it has to be biodegradable.

    You can make your own with petals - by drying them. If you still want to buy it, you can buy it sub £6/litre.

    I'm intrigued how people would be expected to receive, hold, throw a couple of buckets of the stuff at you .....
  • I've been to a wedding where guests were asked not to bring any confetti as it would be provided.

    It was beautifully done - they had made pretty little cones from wrapping paper, then filled each cone with confetti, and these were packed into shallow boxes. On leaving the service, each guest was given a cone of confetti to use outside.
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    I'm supplying the confetti at my wedding, I'm just buying a couple of big bags of dried petals from ebay & either having them in bowls or making cones out of doilies.

    out of curiosity what website was it?
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    We got married in Germany, in the Station HQ conference room (the equivalent of a registry office wedding).

    We had been told 'absolutely no confetti' due to the location - but parents and elderly aunties got a bit over excited and threw shed loads of the paper stuff all over us and the front of the HQ building.

    We later found out that it had been cleared up by a couple of lads on jankers !
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    pound shop,......
    make the most of it, we are only here for the weekend.
    and we will never, ever return.
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