Vitality Frugality - non-smokers' cashback withdrawn

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Hi MSE Community,

This should be of interest if you're a Vitality Health member and/or disagree with companies removing benefits (profiteering?) with no justification. See what you think of this...

Ahead of renewal, Vitality are withdrawing members' non-smokers' cashback, leaving members up to £200+ out of pocket but still paying the same or higher premiums.

Despite others having flagged this on social media, Vitality say hardly anyone has raised the subject or objected to the change, so it can't be an issue... Furthermore, neither is it an initiative to drive profits - but instead has been withdrawn to treat all members equally and create a level playing field...

In fact, the responses that I have seen from Vitality across social media have been limited to a polite, evasive 'Thanks for feeding this back (but now that we've acknowledged this, we'll continue to ignore these comments and hope that no one else will notice).'

This behaviour seems just plain wrong.

How is it anything other than an increase in premium in real terms - and making customers pay more for less? And just for good measure, to then bury the details and not even offer valid justification behind their decision!

How does that work then?

Well done Vitality. Perhaps no one else will notice.

And perhaps branching into the energy market could be a next logical step... 🤔


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    My employer switched to Vitality 2 years ago. Our premiums have increased by about 30%. Some in my company are very happy with the additional things Vitality offers, others like me resent it. I feel Vitality has far too many extras, not just additional insurance or even truly health related, but more "lifestyle" from plastic surgery to online consultations, all sorts of discounts on sports club memberships, gagdets, food, etc.
  • I googled this and came to this link. I got an email tonight telling me i was getting a prorated final non-smoker cashback and was asking myself "Eh?". I go back to my renewal docs from August and there is not a single mention of this. It's buried away, it's really poor and devious, i'm quite angry actually. The attrition of benefits has been dreadful. My premium is up 37% since this time 2015. I'm a platinum tier who maxes their fitness points every day.
  • I too am not happy. On receiving the same E-mail last night, I checked the renewal papers very carefully. It is mentioned, but is not at all clear. One might think that this is intentionally obscure. To have this pointed out 24 days after renewal is also deceitful. I have four policies which have already increased with no claims, by 12% over last year. Without the non-smokers cash-back makes this now 17%. As usual with insurance companies, it is the existing customers that are taken for granted. I shall not renew so readily next year.
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