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MSE News: E.on offers interest-free finance for replacement boilers

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E.on has launched a scheme offering interest-free loans to buy a new boiler – even if you aren't one of its customers...
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'E.on offers interest-free finance for replacement boilers'
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  • CardewCardew Forumite
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    The bottom line will be how much Eon's installers will charge for a new boiler. If it is anything like British Gas's scheme it will be a disaster.

    Loads of posters on MSE have received huge quotes from BG. I have two boilers and BG's quotes were £thousands more than a factory approved(Viessmann) local fitter each with a 10 year warranty. He also quoted for Worcester Bosch at the same price.
  • matelodavematelodave Forumite
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    I'm of the same view as Cardew.

    It may be "interest free" but the cost will probably be significantly higher than having the work done by an independent plumber even if it does need a bank loan to spread the cost.

    Energy companies are not usually known for generosity towards their customers
  • anotheruseranotheruser Forumite
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    Our boiler is fine at the moment - it works!

    It'll be massively inefficient, I know that but I have other things that I need to spend money on right now.
  • daveyjpdaveyjp Forumite
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    £4,000 at 0% or £2,000 at 10%. You decide.
  • CaddymanCaddyman Forumite
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    On major purchases like this, I truly believe there is not and never has been, a genuine interest free aspect of the purchase. The 'interest free' 'offer', is all built into the total purchase price, hence why the cost of the boilers are horrendously more expensive than getting a good, qualified local Gas Safe fitter to supply and fit a new boiler. Major companies have to recoup their costs somewhere, they're not charities.

    My own Baxi boiler is now 15 years old and is serviced regularly by a local trusted plumber. When I mentioned to him 3 months ago about getting a replacement boiler, he told me not to be so stupid as my boiler is working absolutely fine and probably will do for several years yet, arguing it would take literally years for me to recoup any energy saving costs on a new boiler. His words, as long as it's serviced regularly, it's safe and if it ain't broke, don't fix it!'
  • worried_jimworried_jim
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    No such thing as a free lunch!
  • I had a quote from British Gas for a new boiler and it was £1500 over that quoted by a reputable independent Gas Engineer. They also provided a 10 year warranty on the Vaillant appliance.

    British Gas followed up the quote and then tried to get me to let them quote me for a lesser boiler so they could be more competitive. Thought that was very funny.
  • brewerdavebrewerdave Forumite
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    My S-I-L got a quote from BG for a replacement boiler ~£4k! Actually got it done by local firm for £2180!!
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