M&S Credit Card - what's the % cashback to compare

Hi there, Ive just joined this forum and wonder if you can help.
My M&S credit card has almost expired so have been sent a new one. However I'm not happy with the benefits since the gov changed legislation. At the moment, the only one that would be good for me is the Acqua Mastercard as I dont need another Amex and dont really want one for Asda/JohnLewis/Amazon. It offers 0.5% cashback for every £1 spent
M&S offers 1 point per £1 spent in M&S, and 1 point for every £5 spent outside of M&S.
I don't really spend alot in M&S so I wanted to work out how to translate the M&S points for the %. I called M&S CC and they weren't helpful. Can you help?


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    This has nothing to do with stoozing.
    In terms of points awarded to voucher redemption value I believe it is 1% for M$S shopping, 0.2% otherwise. If you don't spend a lot in M&S and wanted a card for rewards, I don't understand why you got an M&S card in the first place.
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