Can I make £70 last 10 days?

This is my challenge for the next week and a bit.

My bills are all paid for the next 10 days, I have paid for my travel to work. The only social thing in the diary is a friend coming round for the night in the week. Then I have the weekend to get through.

There is some food in the cupboards, but prob will need some fresh stuff.

Wish me luck !!


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    £70 sounds ample for ten days but if you're stuck for inspiration try putting up a list on the Old Style board of what foodstuffs you already have in and the good folk there will come up with the best things to buy to make use of them.
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  • Thank you

    Day one and didn't spend any, so trying to keep in this frame of mind!!
  • I'll join you for this challenge as am in the same boat! Have £22 left in the food budget, £20 in the petrol budget and £10 for everything else until 11th!

    This has been since last weekend and so far so good! I haven't spent a penny since Sunday.

    Think I can get through today without spending anything but prob tomorrow need to pick up coffee & milk.

    good luck!
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  • How are you doing flower girl? I managed to bag my 4th NSD in a row yesterday. I do need to get a few essentials today - aiming to stick to the list and spend as least possible. Only 8 more days until things ease up :)
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    Hope it's going well, when I've been in a similar position I found that it helped me if I worked out how much money I had per day.. Then recalculated each day I had a none or low spend day.. Somehow seeing on Monday I had 2.50 a day until payday and then by not spending I suddenly had £3.00 a day it kind of made me feel more positive, but that might just be me x
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    Good luck! I'm in the same boat, except I have £60 to last til payday (23rd!) and still have a dentist checkup, Dad's birthday (present bought), friend's 30th (still need to buy present!) and drinks. Wahhhhhh. No idea how I'll do this.
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