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thank you to all those that provide the info found here. I have a couple of specifics that don't come up in any search of existing posts.

I received a penalty notice from Indigo for parking at a station car park in January this year (so over 6 months ago now). I had a ticket, and when i received notice in the post, forwarded details of the the ticket by way of a photo. I was told several times by Indigo that it was 'on hold' and that I had proof and they were checking with their client.

Now six months later, I received another ZZPS letter asking for payment. I phoned (i know, maybe I shouldnt have - but my argument was I could prove I had paid for the service) and again told them I had a ticket and had already forwarded proof. They then said that the penalty was for failing to display a ticket.
So my first question is - where you can prove you paid for a ticket, what legal redress is there really for 'failure to display'?

I've now had the standard solicitors letters' and the charges have increased to £206. Again, I plan to ignore, given I had a ticket. However, am i following the right process?

Any help gratefully received. thank you


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    I've now had the standard solicitors letters' and the charges have increased to £206.
    Who from? Wright Hassall? Signed by Tim Hawker?

    You need to be complaining bitterly to both the DVLA and the BPA that Indigo have not responded to your initial appeal and provided you with a POPLA code, thereby denying you access to dispute resolution of your case. Complain that they have not only failed to do this, but have unleashed debt collectors and Solicitors on you.

    Complaints to the BPA and DVLA can be emailed to:

    [email protected]

    or (if posting)

    British Parking Association
    Stuart House
    41-43 Perrymount Road
    Haywards Heath
    West Sussex
    RH16 3BN

    and DVLA:

    [email protected]

    [email protected]
    Please note, we are not a legal advice forum. I personally don't get involved in critiquing court case Defences/Witness Statements, so unable to help on that front. Please don't ask. .
    I provide only my personal opinion, it is not a legal opinion, it is simply a personal one. I am not a lawyer.
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  • Umkomaas, thank you for this. I will do this as suggested. Interestingly it prompted me to look back over email and I actually asked them if the email they sent back at the start of the year was part of POPLA process. They avoided answering the question by telling to disregard the letter and it was on hold. Suggesting I had nothing to worry about.
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