Aldi Thin & Crispy Fries vs McDonalds Fries

I used to eat at McDonalds a lot, but stopped in the early/mid 1990s for various reasons.

One thing I'm curious about: I used to like their chips/fries. Recently I've been oven cooking Aldi 'Thin & Crispy' fries, and as far as my memory holds, these are a very good substitute.

However, I'd like to ask if anyone with more recent experience of both McDonalds fries and Aldi 'Thin & Crispy' fries (I prefer to call both 'chips') could say how they compare.

What prodded me to ask is that I saw some McDonald's fries spread all over the ground in the town centre, and I noted that they looked awful. Not crispy looking at all. Hence, I suspect that cooked properly (I cook them differently from the recommendations on the packet after trial and error), the Aldi ones might actually be better.

Sorry if this is an odd question, but I would very much like to know the answer :)


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    I doubt any chip is going to look it's best after being on a pavement for any length of time.

    When I visit the local McDonalds the fries I get are always crisp on the outside. I'd take them back if they were limp as they are either not cooked properly or stale.
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    They looked freshly dropped, and definitely not crisp. I can't see how the cooking process would be reversed by exposure to the environment :D
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    McDonalds fries are not crispy. They are crisp in parts but have a nice softness in other parts. Burger King add a batter to their fries so they are always very very crispy. McDonalds are more natural, like a thin version of a chip shop chip.
  • RHemmingsRHemmings Forumite
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    I haven't eaten them since the mid 90s, so I may have forgotten. But, I remember them being crispy. Not like modern 'coated' chips, but not soft and floppy.
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    I use the Aldi thin fries and cook them in my actifry, lots of compliments and to me they taste how burger place fries used to taste.
    I remember stopping on a school trip, somewhere on a motorway and buying a portion of fries I think it was burger king or something similar, we didn't have anything like them in our town. They were fabulous, best chips I had ever tasted. Never did have anything like them again.
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    I picked up a bag of Tescos skinny fries the other day for the grandkids and was most impressed with them. The kids loved them
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