Mission Possible - first step deposit and mortgage, second step 'Mortgage Free'

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    Awww Penny sorry for a bad day and feeling overwhelmed. Hope you've had some time to relax this evening :)
    First home- Oct’16 until June’21: £170.995- Overpayments made £13,784 (25% extra!).
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    Hi Penny, hope all going well. I haven't got a diary but may set one up soon. Don't let work stress you out if possible although I know how hard it is when you please everyone else and you come bottom of the list!
    So far 6 months in going ok, making regular OPs and trying to watch what I spend. Changed some bills (phone, gas, internet etc). Lots I want to spend some money on like newer car and newer kitchen but they on hold for time being. Looking forward to Jan when 1 year in (only 9 to go lol...hoping).
  • Aww thanks for the virtual reassurance lou & kitten - the week has ended and I hope (really hope!!) to have an undisturbed weekend :T

    Sooo 7/7 no spend days. How on earth did Friday get here so soon? I still have money transfers to do, I just didn't have the oooopf to do it this week, so something positive to do this weekend.

    I am hoping to spend some time tomorrow thinking about outgoings for this month... a bit of an expensive month with car MOT and service due :(, I have now started saving for the 'annual' costings. Next month the cats vaccinations are due :( - costly few months ahead.

    From tomorrow I will be on a diet!! I have so many diet packs here that I really should use them and not waste them like I usually do. Might save me some money on shopping lol :j

    But for now, it is time for a vodka and coke :beer:

    Hope everyone had a great week and have a fabulous weekend :D
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    Really well done on 7 consecutive no spend days- really impressive stuff :)

    Do you have a Vets 4 Pets near you- they do a vaccination for life deal for £99 which covers the yearly jabs, we're going to start this next year for the kittens as it should save over the years hopefully!
    First home- Oct’16 until June’21: £170.995- Overpayments made £13,784 (25% extra!).
    New forever home- Sep’21 £309,449 @ 2.05%. Plan to clear it before 30 years!!!!!!
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    Hi P*P. Well done on 7 NSD's:T. It's excellent that you have started a MFW diary before you have purchased. You're starting way before many of us and a lot of us wish we'd started earlier. The sooner the better. You're doing some excellent planning already so good luck with your MFW journey!
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    Hi Kitten - the vets 4 pets deal sounds amazing! Shame I have the devils cat on my hands :rotfl:one has to see a certain vet otherwise she causes absolute chaos. One year it took two vets and a veterinary nurse just to give her the annual booster :o - that is when we realised she only responds to a 'matter of fact' approach and so far that comes from only one vet. I think the people waiting in reception, on that shameful day, were expecting a tiger to walk out after all of the commotion... not a fluffy black cat peeking out of a carry cage haha. I guess she feels about the vets how I feel about the dentist!!

    Hi Elephantchunks, thanks for stopping by and for the encouragement :T. I feel like I have a huge way to go yet and lots of NSD's ahead. Today is actually 8/7 :D - I realise I will have to spend some money at some point though. I am finding the weeks between payday to be very very long, but this year has gone quite quickly so I really hope the time to move will soon come around.


    It has been a lazy Satuday and I have been very content at home with my cats, I had an afternoon nap and feel I have managed to catch up on some sleep. This week I have mostly been working 11hr days, and they have felt SO LONG. Currently I am tasked with alot of computer work and document checking, I think it is draining me due to the computer work rather than the actual time I am there. The good thing is, working long days I am provided with lunch, so I really only need a light bite when I do get home - this has helped hugely with the NSD's!

    I did need to get the cat litter this week - I found a Tesco money card for £5 which I had been given last year, so to me, it was free cat litter :rotfl:- No petrol was needed, but I am sure I will need to buy it next week.

    I am in a good position for cat food as I bulk purchased early last month and so will not need to worry about that for a while. I contacted Gormet* cat food via Facebook as I had a large 60 pouch box with two sachets which had leaked, likely not sealed properly. I contacted them because it was a messy smelly job, expected maybe a small voucher back - didn't expect £15.00 worth! So that will almost pay for another 60 sachet box (15.99) when it is time to buy some more.

    I am currently considering cancelling my holiday. Sucking up the loss of the money I have paid so far, for saving a further 3k. I only have a week now to really decide before the balance is due. I do want to go, and it would be a holiday of a lifetime.... but I also recognise that it may take me 4 - 6 months, or maybe more, to save up 3k following the holiday. It is hard..I don't want to let anyone down (it wouldn't really impact on anyone else) but these past few weeks have made me really focus on the future and where I want to be :j - look at me being an adult!! (** I have previously said this is paid for, I have already set the money aside)

    So tomorrow I need to do my usual washing and cleaning. I am confused with what to do about my account at the moment.. whether to wait until the end of each month to move money (already moved 1k due to successful saving last month) or whether to do it as soon as I am paid to keep me strictly to budget. This month is a tough one due to MOT and service... who knows what the car will cost!!

    I plan to hopefully make it through another week with only spend on petrol.. which I will still count as a NSD as it is pretty vital for me to have. I should have started all of this a long, long time ago _pale_ :rotfl:- the money I would have saved!!!!
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    Hey penny pincher
    well done on all those NSDs!!! You are doing brilliant!
    Is it just the money making you think about the holiday? I'm all for balance and working in a job like you do would imagine Time to relax canbefew and far between sometimes!! Personally I'd go for the holiday !! Maybe look at if there are savings you can make in other areas to kindly offset it a bit!

    I'm not sure if that makes me a good MFW or not! But I do also think Iife is for living be as long as it's not getting us into debt, none of us really know what's round the corner!

    MF planning for the simple life :beer::j
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    Hi Downshifterella :wave: thanks for stopping by :). I totally agree about the holiday, I really do. But I did have a holiday of a life time over Christmas 2016 into January... and this one now in question was booked when I had the 'holiday blues' on my return haha. I am still confused about it as I know on the one hand I should absolutely go and ENJOY IT. But another side of me says I can have two weeks at home and rest.. lol. - I think I am older than my years. - I do wonder if I could do some things to offset it a bit, like you say. Something to consider as well :) thank you!


    So Kitten has inspired me to get moving with making some money 'on the side' so to speak. I have listed a few items on bay-e and also signed up to one*poll - currently have £5.20 balance which isn't too shabby for 2 days!! Lets see how we go with those.

    I am now on 9/7 NSD's .... this wont go on forever, but nice to have exceeded my target. But soon I will have to stop being a hermit and actually go out. I have spent some time on the DFW diaries and it has really reminded me of how difficult it was to get myself straight after a few years of being less that careful with money and credit. I hope I never return to those days again... if I do, I hope it is only because something happens which leaves me no other choice. I appreciate people don't always end up in difficult circumstances due to bad choices. The diaries really have struck a chord with me, and I hope this makes me more focused.

    This week I am at work 4 days, how wonderful. No doubt my 'off' day will be the day I actually buy something lol. I need to go and have my eyebrows 'topped up' after having them micro*bladed a few weeks ago (already paid in full so no cost). Some would see this as 'non-frugal', I see that I save 10 minutes per day not having to faff with them. Best money I have ever spent!! :rotfl:

    I am already looking ahead to winter and realising I will need to buy a new coat this year :eek: so I had better start considering this. I have loads of clothes, and even with fluctuating weight I always have something to wear... but coat wise, nope. My current one has lasted 2 good years... darn. I do like the old fashioned coats - the ones you would see on ladies on a quality street tin haha.... but as you can imagine, they are not cheap! I guess it is too late in the year to start a £1 jar :rotfl:

    So, rough week ahead. I am hoping to make it to the otherside! I have some hair dye on my head, thought it was the perfect time to post. Going to wash it off, stick a face mask on (have loads of the things!) and chill out. I have already lit a Ya*nkee candle.... I love them, and I have so many.... but they are mostly all christmassy ones haha... so it smells rather festive here tonight. Then a vodka? I think so!!

    Happy Sunday evening to you all :beer:
  • So I managed 10/ 7 NSD's! - I had to get petrol today and decided to buy a bottle of diet coke and a sandwich - so that was then end of my NSD run!!

    Work has been crazy busy the past couple of days and I am so pleased tomorrow is Wednesday... another day closer to the weekend :T I managed to leave at a sensible time today too :):):):):):):)
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    Well done with your NSDs!
    I think my NSDs will only really work if I send the amount I would have spent into savings. If not my next SD I tend to spend it all and more!
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