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Martin Lewis apparently invests in auto trading

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Apparently ML has invested $500k in a auto trading wealth creation and "urgres" others to do the same.

If only it were so easy as setting up a scam eh?
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  • Money Saving Founder: Lewis has saved the British Public over £10 Billion over the past 14 years. "We have helped thousands of people across the country save Billions through smart-finance education. This sytstem will allow us to apply that sam eprinciple to helping people make more money - and thats what we are going to achieve!" he said.

    Spot the mistakes?

    How many can you find? :rotfl:

    Presumably :money: said this, and didn't write it? :D
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  • Just noticed another advertising that Martin Lewis endorses Auto Trading advertised on FB (not allowed to post link as I'm new to the forum)

    There are numerous articles that expose Auto Trading as a scam do I'm assuming this is a false testinobial, in which case ML has a legal claim against them.
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