What are my options?

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I've just been informed in work (on a week's notice) that my hours are going to be cut to 7.5 a week. This is, unfortunately, above board with the contract I signed. This means I'll receive wages of £341 a month. Obviously I'm looking for other employment applying for full time roles and part time jobs in retail to supplement myself, but I was wondering what are my options in the meantime? I was thinking contribution based JSA was a possibility? But someone else in work in the same boat said that they thought we would be entitled to working tax credits? I'm married and renting privately, no dependents.

Any advice anyone could shed on this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.


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    JSA possibly. Working tax credits eligibility will depend on the combined income of your household. You may as well phone up and apply but if your wife earns anything near £25,000, dont expect anything
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    How did it all pan out for you? Hope it went well - I know what job uncertainty can be like!
    Certain OTT members have caused me to add this disclaimer: all advice given is free of charge & as such should be taken to be IIRC (as I don't spend hours researching all answers :eek: )!
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