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  • parsniphead
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    I'm halfway through your previous thread and up pops another. Wishing you well in your new home. I hope it's everything you want. I shall look forward to your posts.
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  • Greying_Pilgrim
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    Good Morning Fortune

    I'm extremely late to the party, but I'd like to wish you and Mr Fortune health and happiness in your new home.

    Hope your exploring today (? I think?) yields some unexpected treasure - or perhaps just a good place for lunch :D

    Looking forward to hearing all about your new adventures :D

    Greying X
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  • I'm very excited about your new diary!

    I can't wait to hear all about your adventures and mortgage slaying.
  • maddiemay
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    Enjoy your exploring, hope that you find a good lunch stop.

    I am :j:j , we have had a little rain this morning, first for ages, according to The Shire radio it is due to clear through and return later and tomorrow, it has been looking a bit parched in the southern end of the county.
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  • Yay for new diary! :j :beer:
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  • brizzledfw
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    Sounds wonderful...bliss :)

    And the butterflies..so very special :)
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  • Hello,another one along for the ride. Loving that you're still keeping fun money on the go.
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  • Fortune_Smiles
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    So many visitors :D Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts.

    We had a lovely day out yesterday. So nice to have a break from cleaning and unpacking.

    We went to a local visitor attraction which was free entry and gave us lots of decor ideas for the future. Then into the market town to do some chores and have lunch. We found a pub which served the best fish and chips I've ever tasted along with a decent glass of red and a local ale for Mr F. And only two thirds of the cost of the same meal down south :T

    Later we walked the footpath to our new local and had a light supper and another glass of red and local ale :o The reviews for this one said it was expensive and I think it probably is for the area but no more so than our previous local. The food was good and there was plenty of it. That's the last of the fun money for July though.

    Today's jobs included cleaning the landing and unpacking books. Lots of little bits and pieces have been delivered to help make life a bit easier and the house is starting to feel more like home. The costs are adding up though and I'm getting close to my budget so am giving careful consideration to any further purchases. We have managed to salvage the house sign and move it to a more logical site so it lives to fight another day :rotfl:

    It's pouring with rain here but all seems dry so far. I think the house is going to be cosy. It seems very well insulated.

    Hope you're all warm and dry tonight

    Fortune x
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  • greent
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    You're sounding quite settled already, which is lovely to read :) Glad you managed to salvage the sign :)
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  • doingitanyway
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    It is so lovely to think that after all the planning and waiting you are finally there. Brilliant. I wish you every happiness in The Shires :)
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