MSE News: New £10 note unveiled this week – here's a sneak peek

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The new plastic £10 note will be unveiled tomorrow – but you'll have to wait until September to get your hands on one...
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'New £10 note unveiled this week – here's a sneak peek'
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  • spamhaterspamhater Forumite
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    "MoneySavers in Scotland will have to wait until autumn 2018 to see the new polymer tenners spitting out of cash machines."

    Factually incorrect MSE

    Money savers in Scotland will receive polymer tenners from ATMs once the Scottish Banks have launched their notes which is understood to be September and October. Once launched they will be using the notes in ATMs. I hardly think late October 2017 could be classed as Autumn 2018.
    Misleading sensationalism at its worst, time to pull your socks up MSE.
  • davemortondavemorton Forumite
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    Is it only me that cant stand these plastic notes? Far too slippy and easy for one to slide out of your pocket when getting something else out.
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  • chattychappychattychappy Forumite
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    davemorton wrote: »
    Is it only me that cant stand these plastic notes? Far too slippy and easy for one to slide out of your pocket when getting something else out.

    I was living in Vietnam when they switched to plastic notes some years ago. (And it's only notes there, and attempt to introduce coins failed. So notes are really used alot.)

    On balance I prefer paper notes if they are clean and fresh. Can't beat it. Anyone been to the Czech Republic? Their notes always seem nice and new. Is it because people take care of them? Or is it because they are replaced often. Not sure.

    BUT, I prefer plastic ones to well-circulated paper ones. Plastic ones do wear out, but they don't get smelly in the process.

    I don't like thedesign of the new £5. The colours are gaudy and too bluish. It looks like they're printed on an ink jet with one colour missing. I do like the fact it is smaller. Wish they'd bring forward the new £20 and make a smaller £50. These notes are too big.
  • CaddymanCaddyman Forumite
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    I'm struggling to find much interest in this story. In my own lifetime, there have been numerous paper note changes and so this one is no different.

    Personally, I wish we would all just move to a cashless society. Virtually every single transaction I carry out these days, is on debit card. I find carrying money, any money, a bit of a bind to be honest. I cannot understand for the life of me why we're still using paper and coins. It just seems a total waste of time to me.
  • aparky85aparky85 Forumite
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    Whilst preferring the old paper notes, I certainly wouldn't mind a bucket full of the new plastic ones.
  • alanqalanq Forumite
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    "The paper tenners we have at the moment can continue to be used for a while yet, as they won't be withdrawn until Spring 2018."

    It has been announced today that the date of their withdrawal is 1st March 2018.
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