Ear Piercing studios in East or Central Belfast?

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I have read the thread about ear piercing recommendations in Belfast but the latest post was 2011. I would like to know if there are currently any places to use or avoid in East Belfast or the City Centre please?

This is for myself - it is 20 years since my first piercings and I am keen to get a 2nd hole in each ear, but am a bit of a wimp so need somewhere dependable, patient and of course ultra-hygienic! It goes without saying, I would also like good value for money!

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Michelle :)


  • Pay a vist to Stu at Otherside, in Pottingers Entry. He is incredibly professional, attentive to hygiene and will give you lots of aftercare advice.

    Avoid anywhere that uses a gun as they aren't as sanitary as a needle.
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    Agreed with ladybolan on the gun comment - run a mile!

    Have heard of Stu at Otherside so that's probably a good thing, although personally never been.

    I can, however, recommend the guys at Belfast City Skinworks - very professional, and clearly used to dealing with some of the more nervous customers!
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    Stu in Otherside, really lovely guy and really puts you at ease.
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