What to do while you're side hustling

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So I'm planning to start my own business in my spare time while working, however it's too much of a conflict of interest with my current job as it would be a competitor, so I would leave my job. The question is, what is an ideal day job to pay my rent while I'm running my online business on the side? Where do other people work while they're side hustling and getting the business off the ground?


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    Private hire/Uber driver.
    There's time between jobs to make important calls and check emails. Stop and start work when you need to. ;)
  • Agree it would be ideal, I just don't drive as I live in central London
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    If you're in London there seems to be lots of cycling couriers making deliveries.
    So get on your bike.
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    The suggestion by @SamsReturn is good. You should also sign up on freelance websites and offer services based on the skills you have. Maybe you're bilingual and can offer translating services. Maybe you're good at graphic design and can offer logo design services.

    Before you quit your current job, you should try different side jobs and see what suits you best. Then, when you have found something that can bring you a steady income, you should quit your job and start your online business.
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