wedding abroad need advice and help

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hi all only been engaged for three weeks now but my partner would like to get married next year abroad as we would both love to do it abroad its the only thing that speaks wow to us.
but we have had a look and some places look so complicated with paperwork.
ideally we dont want to get married here on the quiet to make it legal and then go abroad to do it like a ceremony.

has anyone got any advice , tips or guidance to get married abroad???

ive contacted a website called perfectweddingabroad and apparently they can help organised it etc
are they proper people that do it and not rip you off or can someone recommend websies or something simialr to help me


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    For the marriage to be legal you have to comply with whatever the law requires in that country - otherwise you are just paying for a nice pretend ceremony and will still have to get legally married before or afterwards (which is a bit of a con for your guests if they think they are coming to your wedding). However lots of people do it that way.

    There are some popular wedding locations (e.g. the Maldives) where you will not be able to have a legally valid marriage. Most places require you to be resident for a certain number of days (or pay an additional licence fee) to qualify for a wedding, I would start by selecting a list of your preferred locations and doing a little research on the legalities of each.
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    I got married in Cuba two weeks ago and everything was very straightforward to organise (I dealt directly with the hotel) and is legally recognised here. You will have to wait 4-6 months to receive your marriage certificate - that wasn't something which worried me as we're no less married while we're waiting for the bit of paper and I'm not sure about changing my name so there's no hurry to have it for that reason - but if that's not a problem for you then I would definitely recommend it.

    ETA - I just saw your post on the 2018 Brides thread - don't worry about the fact that you've not got things organised yet, a quiet wedding abroad takes much less planning than a traditional one here. We got married within 6 months of getting engaged and, other than the weather meaning we couldn't have the ceremony on the beach, everything went brilliantly smoothly.
  • thank you i wouldnt of thought of to organised it with the hotel its self to be honest , i was looking at company's that do it all for you as to be honest i have no idea where to start or how to start lol .

    we have been offered to get married in new york as m partners brother lives there and they said they would love us to do it there so thats a thought and we have never been america.
    we are looking around at places and some places are very complicated and lots of paperwork to sort out.

    i love the fact you said a wedding abroad seems less stressful. and it would mean just our close family really as our parents and brothers as thats all that would make the effort for us and unfortunate i havent got anyone to ask to be bridesmaids or anything like that which isnt a nice feeling but hey ho ill get on with it and hence me asking on this, thank you :j
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    it would mean just our close family really as our parents and brothers

    We went even smaller than that - it was just the two of us :D

    If you've got family already in New York then that sounds like a good place to start looking. Friends of my husband got married in Central Park a few years ago and I don't think they had too much trouble getting everything organised.
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