Where do you draw the line with surveys etc?

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    mikep22 wrote: »
    Ive never had anything like this from YouGov :eek:

    I had one of these today. Hated the show but told them that.
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    dave2319 wrote: »
    Always amazes me to see so many surveys of 20 minutes or more. Surely the most important thing for a researcher is to get good quality answers. If they set up long surveys they're guaranteed to lose probably most people's attention.
    Having more surveys of 5 minutes or less would make me get more involved.

    I completely agree.

    Even assuming that most people are filling them out in good faith and not just quickly clicking through them, there's only so long that you can compare insurance providers or financial institutions before your mind begins to wander and for most people that happens long before finishing 30 pages of incredibly repetitive questions.

    If the surveys were shorter and more concise then I honestly believe they would yield better feedback, as people would be more willing to put effort into their answers rather than simply plowing through them to get them finished.
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    Like the above poster says, OnePoll are alright, although only paying small amounts of money, their surveys don't last long. They also do about 3 easy competitions on their Facebook page, winning £10 on your account. Have won several times with these, and it increases your money.

    Prolific is fantastic, and I usually enjoy doing their surveys, very interesting, paid through Paypal.

    New Vista and Populus are reliable and surveys well paid. I did a £4 survey for Populus yesterday done several surveys recently for £3 each. Downside - your account has to reach £50 before payment allowed.

    Pinecone is also good, but the downside is that there are few surveys available.
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    I think whilst the low paying surveys can seem tight at times, some can lead to focus groups and product trials which make them more worthwhile. I'm a member of several ongoing communities now which give me a small income each month and I usually have a couple of short term ones going on too. Most of those have come from the lower paid survey sites like Ipoll and Opinion Outpost.
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    I've recently given up with Swagbucks although I used to earn quite a lot from it! The surveys are too long for 29SB/little SB! I'm concentrating on prolific now as well as the occasional globaltestmarket / mysurvey / valuedopinions
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    10pence for about half an hours work? Not a chance.

    I would rather walk around the town centre looking for coins if I was that desperate.
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    It's not just about the money for me, it's also about how interesting the survey topic is. For example I love the YouGov surveys where you watch an episode of a new TV show (usually lasting 45 minutes) and then give your opinion. Even though it might be only £1 for an hours work (and even though the shows are often dreadful) I just enjoy being able to give my input. Same with surveys about current affairs, music or any of my other interests - if it's fun/interesting, I don't particularly care how little it pays.

    Whereas an hour long, £1 survey about banking or alcohol, where you have to answer hundreds of tedious questions about the qualities and 'personalities' of various brands would be a big no from me. They can be completely soul destroying.

    I also avoid the ones where they want me to install an extension on my browser to monitor the websites I visit. I never know how safe those things are.

    UGH, I can't even stand to watch the drivel that ITV puts out on TV for money. I have better things to do with an hour of my time. Be warned that YouGov work for ITV.
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    Unfortunately most of the survey sites pay rubbish. Not quite sure how the ones registered in the UK can get away with it, as you have to pay tax on it so surely they must be subjected to the minimum wage to.

    Plus I cant see how a company that is paying 50p for 20 mins work is expecting to get good answers.
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    I also don't like the long surveys, they are normally so boring and just seem to ask the same questions again and again but word them slightly differently. That said if I am bored I will do the odd longer one whilst watching TV or something.

    Prolific is my favourite site as the surveys are often fairly short and much more interesting than the other survey sites, you certainly get a variety of studies! Also your helping people out with academic research which I like the idea of and some of them can be brain teasers. I have made a nice amount off there.

    Mintvine is another one I like. You have to get up to 1000 points before cashing out but that happens fairly easily. To be honest if you just go on there and do the daily poll it would add up fairly quick with no effort at all as long as you keep your streak. I am selective about the surveys I do and will go for short ones or ones that are worth 100 points or more. Cash out is £13.10 Amazon voucher so pretty good in my opinion.

    I do Swagbucks as well but only because you can earn points in other ways as well. Surveys on this site are handy for a top up of SBs but some are stupidly long for the points. I keep an eye out for short surveys or ones worth a few more SB, you can get ones for 100SB. Although the hourly rate is probably still rubbish it is quite addictive to push your points up so I put up with the bad pay.

    Pinecone is great, I have done two 10 minute surveys and have £6 waiting to cash out. Shame surveys are very few and far between!

    I think you are never going to make decent money with surveys but personally I am happy to do them if they are short enough as it does all add up. Also I like doing them if they are interesting, there are only so many questions on banking products that I can answer before going mad and quitting the survey! I don't know why researchers develop such long and boring surveys as they must get some really rubbish answers that have no value at all.
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    Gave up on entering surveys a while back. Very hard to find any that would be worth and I'd rather spend that time entering competitions or doing much fewer focus group-type ones.
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