Should I get a 2nd Job?

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Hi all,
Thank you for taking your time to read this and appreciate any advise.
I was wondering if I got a 2nd job would it be worth it due to tax and national insurance?
I currently earn a steady salary and keen to earn more so I can save up for a mortgage. I have a help to buy ISA set up but the £200 is all I can afford a month but want to put more away.
I ask for overtime at my current job for the weekend but it is very rare that I get any.
I often get paranoid about money in case I get a sudden bill / expense which I will struggle for.
Have people took a weekend job to make them feel more comfortable? Is it worth it for the money and possible loosing out on social events?

Thank you all.


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    I guess there are a number of variables here.....if youve budgeted and you can put away £200 a month, this is a fair chunk of cash (I couldnt do that).

    The tax and NI would depend on current salary and how much your second job would mean you earn.

    Would the extra job impact on your ability to have downtime and enjoy yourself. As this is worth a lot in a healthy life (more important then money).

    Only you can say whether these things are worthwhile. I hold down a full time job and though I like earning extra cash, I simply could not have an extra "job" because I need downtime.

    Id still say if you are in a position to put aside £200 a month this is a very sizable chunk of cash and you are in a good position IMHO.
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    Is it worth it for the money and possible loosing out on social events?

    This is a judgement call that only you can answer.

    A possibility to consider is to look for relief work covering weekends, that way you will work some weekends and still have some to yourself.
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    Has anyone any ideas for a high paying 2nd job on a casual basis?
    I work as an accountant & would like ideas for something with occasional hours but worth my while, ie £15ph +
    (I'm in Belfast)
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    Might be worth checking the job sites to see whats available locally?
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    This is just my personal opinion based on my own circumstances.
    I currently work full time (37.5 hours per week) earning £7.02 an hour as i am an apprentice. I would find it difficult to get another job in on an evening as i finish at 4 pm. Sometimes i am required to work on the weekend so this would possibly conflict if i were to have a second job. I feel there are good enough ways to make extra money from home. I wont post links but see money saving experts ways to boost your income.

    Also as Mike has mentioned, you need to have a good balance between work and your social life. It is not the best of feelings when you're stuck at work and you look at your phone to see all your friend having a good time. However its all down to you to make this balance work for you.

    Let us know if you get a second job :)
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    I would echo trying online earning opportunities. You can easily make another £200 a month (I would say much more), online. Even if some of it is vouchers, than that will save you from using cash elsewhere.

    Also, I don't know anything about your living circumstances - but can you try to be more frugal to save more? There is tonnes of advice on this website.
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