MSE Poll: Which Tory manifesto policies would you like to see dropped?

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Poll started 13 June 2017

Which Tory manifesto policies would you like to see dropped?

The Queen’s Speech is due “soon”, where Parliament opens and planned legislation is set out. As the Conservatives have the most MPs but not a majority in Parliament, it’s likely they won’t be able to get every manifesto pledge through. We’ve put a selection of 14 of them.

Choose UP TO THREE that you’d most like to see dropped.

Did you vote? Are you surprised at the results so far? Have your say below. To see the results from last time, click here.

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Thanks! :)



  • davholla
    davholla Forumite Posts: 523
    I've been Money Tipped!
    Could we have a poll for which ones we would like to keep?
  • Mrs_Arcanum
    Mrs_Arcanum Forumite Posts: 23,976
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    davholla wrote: »
    Could we have a poll for which ones we would like to keep?

    Would be easier to pick 3 or less that way. :D
    Truth always poses doubts & questions. Only lies are 100% believable, because they don't need to justify reality. - Carlos Ruiz Zafon, The Labyrinth of the Spirits
  • redux
    redux Forumite Posts: 22,974
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    edited 13 June 2017 at 6:28PM
    davholla wrote: »
    Could we have a poll for which ones we would like to keep?

    Good idea

    1. Free vote on fox hunting

    2. Replace school lunch with choice of three-quarters of a Weetabix (without any milk) or twelve baked beans for school breakfast

    3. Free vote on new grammar schools.

    Result: 3 defeats, government redundant
  • Doshwaster
    Doshwaster Forumite Posts: 6,058
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    Personally, the fox hunting vote didn't bother me. It wouldn't cost anything and there's no chance of it being passed by the Commons but it was an argument that they didn't need to have.

    They really need to drop the hard line on the single market and customs union though as that's going to cost us a fortune.
  • dw1
    dw1 Forumite Posts: 37 Forumite
    You forgot the option 'drop most of them, they're nearly all bad'.

    The only ones I'd keep are the foreign aid commitment and more public spending (even if they're only willing to spend it on prisons). The rest are either terrible policies, divisive or simply unnecessary.
  • Mr5Micawber
    Mr5Micawber Forumite Posts: 12
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    Yes, I agree. This poll needs a 'drop them all, they're all pretty bad' to offset the 'keep 'em all' option. Otherwise this poll is biased.
  • iainrt
    iainrt Forumite Posts: 3
    Fifth Anniversary First Post Combo Breaker
    I cannot believe that more people are concerned with repealing the fox hunting ban than with the other more important points, ie pensioners triple lock, winter fuel allowance , foreign aid. No wonder we've got a hung parliament.
  • wooried
    wooried Forumite Posts: 8
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    Only found two to keep, foreign aid over 0.7pc and modernise prisons (helps building industry jobs).
  • Pegase
    Pegase Forumite Posts: 11 Forumite
    only 3 to ditch is very hard!
    3 to keep:
    - State pension triple lock changed to double lock (ie, it’ll only rise with inflation and earnings, no 2.5% min rise guarantee)
    Because why should pensioners income rise faster than everyone else, paid by people whose wages are at best stagnating in real term? mine hasn't even followed either of the double lock criteria (in the NHS: 1%/year, ie with inflation at 2.9, a 1.9% pay cut).
    - Foreign aid to continue to be at least 0.7% of GDP.
    - Modernise prisons with £1 billion of new spending. (with caveat because I can see their rich mates charging stupid amount for that, same as what happened with hospitals)
  • shropshirelady
    shropshirelady Forumite Posts: 38
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    This is a money site. I would have thought you could work out the difference between 2.1/2% of £6360 (the basic state pension) and 1% of (say) £20,000. Any additional (earned) pension doesn't get the 2.1/2% increase, so you'd still be getting a bigger increase than a pensioner, who has little chance of increasing their income any ther way.
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