Best support for painful shin

I have bad shin pain, on the bone. Been ruled out with stress fracture and shin splints on MRI. Currently off sick as my job in retail involves great amounts of being on feet. I ordered some shin compression sleeves and noticed I need is pressing a little too much for my liking on the painful area.

The compression sleeve is helping me to walk more.

Now I'm concerned these compression sleeves will be annoying in warm weather. What do you suggest?


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    KT tape may be helpful for you
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    Had to see what KT tape was - and it's kinesiology tape. [Not the stuff my caving pals used.]
    General advice on application here & do please google for more specifics - I'd be uncertain about shins!
    Lidl was selling some a few weeks back, & sure enough ebay has an abundance (just get it from a UK supplier or you'll be back at work & clearing up after Christmas when it arrives!)
  • KT tape may be helpful for you

    KT tape is for weakness/instability due to muscle, ligament or tendon damage and acts to replicate the function with a layer on the outside of the skin.

    OP has damagaed a bone and this is the cause of the shin splints, Kino tape will not be much benefit. You cannot replicate the function of bone, unless you have pins inserted.

    Generally this needs the bone to heal in order for the secondary problems to be resolved.
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    What type of material is the sleeve made of?
    I use various knee braces up to my metal reinforced 'daddy' knee brace.
    Decathlon do a nice knitted range of supports that dont get as sweaty and IMO are a better fitting than many available.
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    If you've had a MRI and this has ruled out shin splints and a stress fracture what diagnosis (if any) have you had? Have you been told you have a bone injury?

    Personally I'd consider seeing a phsyio or podiatrist (you may have an underlying gait problem). You may have to see both privately but at my GP's surgery it's possible to get a NHS physio appointment within a week.

    I know it may not be shin splints but I used to suffer terribly from them for years. The problem was fixed by getting prescription orthotics from a podiatrist. These were full length for running shoes and 3/4 length for everyday shoes. No problems in over ten years now.
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