Change bank?

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    wordsfan wrote: »
    I have in the past been a person of poor credit (this was in part due to ill health and in part due to being sold inappropriate products by my then bank - lloyds)

    I also have a CCJ for unpaid council tax at a previous address (which I never owed as the entire time I lived there I was either a student or unemployed).

    You've not said if you live in Scotland or England, but my understanding in Scotland is that your council tax bill also covers water and sewerage. Did you apply for exemption? If not you are liable for it. If you did, you may have still had to pay water and sewerage?

    A CCJ would stay on your file for 6 years (I think from when it was settled)?

    You should also be aware that Lloyds and Bank of Scotland are both part of the Lloyds Banking Group. I'm not sure how much information they share though.
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    Yes I know lloyds now own bos.

    I now live in Scotland but the CCJ was issued in England relating to the property I occupied in England.
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    I may try the Internet banking as I'm in exactly the same situation (same account, same card).
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