Seasonal stock variations

I have a theory, hope you can correct me -
Do supermarkets change the receipes for fresh own-brand soups in the summer? I swear my local supermarket has put cheaper ingredients in, in the last month or so.

I figure that much less people buy soups in the summer since its generally a winter food. And they must throw away a lot of soups that aren't sold because they insist on having full shelves etc.

So would they cheapen the soups to save money when nobody is buying them?

Dread to think how much is thrown away by supermarkets, can anyone who has worked in one comment on how much is wasted?

I try and buy as much as I can from my local market because fruit and veg are MUCH cheaper there. I never spend more than £10 on fruit and veg a week and am buying for a family of 3.


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    Could be that the supermarket has just reviewed the recipe to save them money but charge you the same.

    This usually happens with brands when they promote on the can 'new improved recipe'.
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  • Its odd because normally I would expect good quality from them, the ingredients are just so far removed what what you would expect in them, particularly the thai one
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    Ive not seen loads of soups thrown away, only soups that are disposed of are the ones that are either out of date or damaged cans.
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    As someone who eats mostly soup (eating disorder...long story) I can say that in my years of buying supermarket fresh and tinned soups, the prices do not change in the summer. The offers are not for more off or even more frequent on soups in the summer, and though summer soups may appear as "limited editions", seasonal or new trends, they don't stick around for long once the seasons change. Summer soups tend to be around the gaspatzo or beetroot types, winter soups tend to be pulled pork, chicken or gravy based rather than tomato based. But as I say, some stick around for longer than just a season if they sell well.

    If you work out a cheaper way to make soup with decent ingredients than the £1-£1.50 that you can get a fresh soup from most of the supermarkets please let me know! I've managed to get my costs down to that, but in terms of the time, effort and cleaning involved, for the same price I can go to Tesco/Sainsburys and even Waitrose to get something "fresh" and ready to go.
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    I make my own soup and it costs me very little to do.
    I can use a quids worth of leeks and potatos and make around three litres of the stuff, about 6-8 tins and its far nicer and half the price of tinned stuff and I know whats going in it .Ots really does cost pennies to make and freezes very well
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