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This thread is specifically to discuss feedback for

If you've made money using the site, please give us your feedback.

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    brianbenbrianben Forumite
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    A few years ago I paid £50 to a company (I can't remember the name) to spot for sale properties in my area and they would pay me a commission if they were able to advertise it and make a sale. I was asked to become an area agent, for another fee, and make more commission. I didn't.
    It turned out to be a scam!! I only lost £50!! Others lost more.
  • Cook_CountyCook_County Forumite
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    The company's Registered Office is spelled wrong on their website and their website is copyright 2013 - this does not sound like a very actively managed business...but at a £20 cost it must be a very cheap way for the Directors to find development sites to make themselves millions...
  • Just looking around the MSE website yesterday, found the 'Make Money Online' article, thought I'd have a look in to YouSpotProperty - surprised to see this thread a 'ghost'.
    On the off chance anyone sees this, is it a thing? I'd have thought there was a little interest in it? Tried messaging them through their website yesterday, request failed for unknown user 'contact', as in [email protected] where web-form queries are sent. Website also copyright 2013. But the Facebook page seems to be active. Anyone know about these guys?

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