We are looking to buy a new quilt but we are not sure what is best. Do you have an recommendations for good quality value for money quilts?

Many Thanks


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    Goose down is the warmest filling. Hungarian goose down is one of the best, but quite pricey.

    I bought my goose down duvet off Ebay as there are some big outlets that sell on their & the prices are very competitive.
    The bigger the bargain, the better I feel.

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  • Agree with cattie... having just had a Hungarian Goose down duvet delivered I can thoroughly recommend them; they are not cheap but will last a lot longer than synthetic filled ones and are far more cosy! :D

    If you can't stretch to Goose down then you could go for a feather and down mix or go for Duck down.
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    I bought a Hungarian pure down duvet, it is brilliant, best and most comfortable duvet ever bought , we are just having a little trouble at the moment, some of the down is poking throught he downproof cover, I am in touch with John Lewis about it. BUT I would buy another and I would never go back to synthetic. Make sure you get pure down as it is so light, not down with a little bit of feather, which a lot of them are.

    In this section if you look at the post entitled " pure goose down Duvet" there is a few posts about duvets and where you can get them.

    Good luck
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    Iv'e only ever had synthetic quilts. Bought our most recent one for £8 from Tesco's. It does the job so I can't justify spending more.

    Edit: Soon as I hit submit button I remembered years ago we had a duck feather filled one, or something similar. We found it was way too warm. Went back to synthetic ones.
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    I have a two quilt system, they press stud together so one can be taken off in the summer when it gets warmer. Got ours from Beatties, was in the sales and it is designed to drape more like a feathered one.

    Lovely quilt.

    EM xx
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    I have used a budget quilt as a mattress cover for a couple of winters. With a synthetic top quilt I am really cosy!!

    Like others I would find a 'feather' quilt far too hot.
  • You can buy excellent ones from price drop tv or bid tv. We got a 9 tog and a 4 tog that you could press together with studs to make a 13 tog for about £15 including postage and the price of the call.
  • I just bought a quilt this weekend from Asda. Been searching everywhere for a summer quilt for weeks & can't find one but they've just got a load in. £9 for a double and £11 for a King Size, 4.5tog. (I've got a very warm house!)

    The higher tog ratings are only a couple of pounds more.

    Alternatively, Argos normally have some decent priced quilts and a nice range :-)
  • could you please help me I'm looking for a hungarian goose down duvet. A nice price will do. thanks
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