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I know these services used to be quite popular but I don't know anyone who has used one recently. For those who are unaware, you can text a question to a number and someone will respond with an answer to the question.

Has anyone ever worked for one of these services? I was considering it to make a bit of cash on the side whilst I'm sat at my PC procrastinating in the evenings. If so, is it worth the effort for the reward? Do you have to do set shifts or can you just log on whenever?



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    I've never done the job myself but I met someone a few years back who did and they seemed to enjoy in and made enough money for it to be their only job.
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    Would anyone use this service these days? There is this little thing called google...
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    I worked for 63336 for many years and really enjoyed it; however, the emphasis switched from answering factual questions to 'Mystic Meg' type questions, probably due to the cost rising and people preferring to use Google. I could make up to £1,500 per month back in the day, but no idea how much is feasible now.
  • I used to a couple of years ago (63336/AQA) and as Robinette said they moved away from the interesting factual questions to stalking people on Facebook so you could tell them something about them - in order to WOW them.

    I also found the money soon dried up because they started running campaigns in the afternoon, while I was collecting my child. By the time I was home, got him settled and had started dinner there were no questions.

    It picked up on a evening sometimes, around 8pm but at that time I didn't want to be sat on my laptop having been working at it all day.
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